This story we have been told about “security” was a lie—or, perhaps, it was true for a little while, in the tiniest of eras of human history (roughly, 1950s-1990s).

But we are still living under the shadow of that damned promise. We still hope for it, even when all signs point to the fact that the Earth itself will be radically different than we know it to be, and soon. We still hope for it, even though technology has gotten to the point where, given its current trajectory, it might reasonably supplant us in just a little while.

We still hope for it, regardless of the increasing reality that a significant portion of the population of the planet has stopped evolving—that some are, instead, rather destructive and deranged.

We still hope for that fairy-tale ending.

We still hope for these outdated things.

Journals, 7/27/16

Postscript: let’s still keep hoping, but let’s also put some real tangible plans in place so we can move forward!

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