On Believing In The Possibility Of Life On Other Planets


Here’s a question for you. Why do you think that even now—now that it’s been established that there are millions and billions of other planets in the solar system, some of which should theoretically hold life—the status quo is still largely that to believe in extraterrestrial life is “crazy?”

Wouldn’t it make more rational sense that we here on Earth aren’t the only life forms in the universe? How did the “official” sources and gatekeepers of information maintain this idea so long? How wacky-sounding is this myth: where our planet is the only place where life exists, just us, here alone? Egotistical much?

You could say that it’s taken from traditional religions like Christianity, the idea that God just created Earth as like a petri-dish experiment. But there have been a number of modern off-shoots of Christianity who have incorporated a more galactic view. And there’s plenty in the Bible itself that can be interpreted as referring to life outside our planet coming to visit us.

And then you could also say that discouraging a belief in life outside planet Earth is just a form of social control, a way of saying that “the buck stops here” with the world’s leaders and there is nothing “outside” that could challenge their authority or the carefully-crafted viewpoints they want the public to have.

People who champion the “life as a simulation” theory—sometimes overlapping with the flat-earthers—would probably cotton more to the idea that we are indeed in that lone petri dish, only it’s not God doing the experimentation but maybe reptillian overlords or Mr. Smith or whatever. But even if reality, in one sense, is like a well-crafted simulation, why can’t it be a simulation with numerous planets and galaxies and lifeforms? Wouldn’t that be more fun for the builders? Why play this really boring video game with only one planet when you could play Star Wars?

Then we could also talk about ideas like multiple dimensions, and multiverses, and etc. Or even just to think about existence on the sub-atomic level. Or to talk about the possible infinite nature of existence on the level of thought.

I’d be really suspicious if I were you of any belief system that wants to “nail” humanity to this planet. A belief system with a viewpoint that we are “stuck” here, the sole life in existence, helpless, victims/worshippers of some omnipresent deity or Big Bad. (some might say this is the dominant “sane” viewpoint of the society we currently live in, with the Mighty Leader and/or multinational corporation of your choice as the “omnipresent deity.”)