Why I Hate April


Last year, I composed a post called “Is April The Cruelest Month? (The Historical Evidence)”. This is because I consider the month of April sinister in a way that most people traditionally consider October to be (ending with theoretically the “darkest” of holidays, Halloween/Samhain).

But April not only has an unusual # of weird world events attached to it (please consult the linked post for details), it has also been the “site” of an inordinate # of weird events in my own life.

Specifically, the period of time from late March (say, from around…the Spring Equinox/Invocation of Horus) to very early May (you know, around…Beltane).

Several long-term jobs have ended for me in that time period…in very weird, sudden fashions involving agonizing corporate overhauls, the lone investor suddenly dying, discovering my friend had secretly engineered the takeover of my position for himself, and other goodies that sort of just leave you like a smear on the sidewalk of life.

In-between all this, in mid-April of 2006, I legit almost died; almost bled completely out. Literally ten minutes away from complete deaditude, per medical staff.

This has rendered me as follows about this April period:


But rather than get my panties up in a bunch about this, I’ve chosen to give a deep study of the month—the symbolism of the religious events surrounding it, and a closer look at the many (the many) weird events that have taken place during this time. Perhaps by doing so, I can “demystify” the month for myself once-and-for-all & place it within a larger context.

If this is something that you might find interesting, then by all means follow the posts I do think I’m about to compose regarding this uncanny month.