Falling Heavenly Palaces, Phantom YouTube Ladies, Rabbits, And Other April Weirdness


It is only April 4, and already a really insane story has hit the news. Even stranger, the symbol of the bunny rabbit—which I’ve discussed in this post—is on full display.

But let’s back up. On April 1—Easter AND April Fool’s Day—defunct Chinese space station Tiangong-1 fell to Earth right off the coast of Tahiti. The space station’s final resting place was the subject of speculation since last year. The American translation of the craft’s name? “Heavenly Palace.”

And so you have the “Heavenly Palace” lighting up the sky and touching Earth on the traditional day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Here is an artist’s *highly* scientifically inaccurate WTF interpretation of the Heavenly Palace about to crash into a pair of towers (!).

Just to add to the general sense of High Weirdness, some pointed out that this all sounded very much like the 9th and final “sign” in the so-called “Hopi Prophecy”:

“And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.

That said…it was April Fool’s Day. Perhaps the universe is trolling us.

Yesterday’s shooting at YouTube headquarters by apparent “disgruntled” YouTube video maker Nasim Aghdam also has earmarks of High Weirdness attached to it. On first glance, Occam’s razor would indicate that Nasim simply lost her mind over YouTube demonetization of her channel. She was mentally ill—had some REALLY weird videos—and just “snapped.”

Nasim Aghdam in a blond wig


After looking at a lot of assets from her prolific online presence, which includes not only videos but her own website and and other social media accounts…this goes BEYOND weird.

In fact, the first person I thought of when I researched her is that “Internet Woman Of Mystery”—Karin Catherine Waldegrave. Very glassy-eyed, looks crazy or drugged, and lots of mysterious WTF content to the point where one questions whether this is a real person at all.

a sample of the Waldegrave Facebook postings

Now, there is another woman (or entity) with multiple YouTube and social media accounts who is VERY similar to Nasim in many aspects. I feel that, at this time, it is beyond my paygrade to piss off a possibly real person with extreme mental problems and paranoid fantasies by calling her out on my site and comparing her to an attempted murderer—so I’m not going to call her out right now. But this chick was/is very similar to Nasim—weird, Photoshoppy looks as if she was almost computer-generated, staring eyes, WTF spammy content that looks like Tim & Eric sketches, tons of social media posts, persecution complex, uses political/social causes in weird over-the-top ways, sometimes seems like a doll and/or uses a lifesized doll in content that is supposed to be her “stand-in”…etc.


This brings me to a few questions.

On Nasim’s site, she has a prominent notice that she does the entire site herself, with no help. She makes that very clear.



Who took all her many many glassy-eyed glamour photos? Many of these photos look like the ones a boyfriend or manager or someone takes to “promote” a woman on the internet. I have had a boyfriend take relatively “tame” versions of photos like this of me when I was younger. These are highly stylized artificially posed photos. This rarely is the result of just a lone person. There would be more true selfies if that was the case.

She also owned a pair of prosthetic larger breasts.

Many of these are full-length glamour photos. Some of these are bordering on fetish pictures. And there are actually several pictures of a nearly naked life-sized doll dressed as her.

one of the creepiest photos

Second: How did she make a living to pay for all the clothes, video production (which included some rudimentary CGI), and etc? I think she lived with her parents/grandmother, so perhaps they gave her a stipend? I don’t think ad revenue from her videos would have paid for everything.

I find it hard to believe that she did this all on her own. Maybe I’m wrong. But it seems really odd to me, as if she had somebody else in her life “cultivating” her as this type of YouTube glamour/fitness/vegan/possibly fetish personality.

Here is an interview she did with a vegan site several years ago, where it really feels as if she was being “positioned” as a type of celebrity. Indeed, she apparently had anywhere from 5k-10k followers on various social media platforms; so she was hardly “anonymous”.

nasim_bunny-1050x768 copy.jpg

Oh, and Nasim—a professed vegan and animal rights activist—was apparently obsessed with bunny rabbits. Tons of pics of her with bunnies, including a “funeral” for one of her pets.


Which just made me think of the rabbit symbol I had discussed last week, a symbol of fertility, resurrection…and the Trickster.

4ACE3B2900000578-5575105-Aghdam_seemed_fixated_on_the_belief_that_her_YouTube_views_were_-a-8_1522826305212.jpg A rabbit with one of the symbols it is traditionally connected with—the moon.

Anyway…just an odd, odd story. But April has a tendency to be an odd month. I’m sure more info will come out on this story. Or not.