Messenger Shiva Part 4: Loose Zeitgeist

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In the previous chapter of Messenger Shiva, we started to look how the burgeoning online video community in the late 2000’s began to offer a new avenue of expression for the esoterically-minded among us. Before then, one relied mostly on videotapes and DVDs (but, in my experience…mostly old and often pirated videotapes) to spread documentaries and video commentary on these fringe subjects.

But the growth of platforms like YouTube not only made a lot of the older stuff more available…it empowered people to produce their own content. And two of the most influential videos of the mid-Aughts—especially in terms of 9/11 research—were Loose Change (2005) and Zeitgeist (2007).

This is not a post advocating for the accuracy of these videos. But it is important to understand just how much of a seismic impact they had on the public.



One of the most vivid memories I have about Loose Change, an independently-produced documentary by Dylan Avery, was not from the film itself but from the culture surrounding it. A man on a message board was so taken by the movie—he considered it so vitally important that American citizens receive this information—that he said he made DVD copies of it to distribute for free to everyone he came across. You know, essentially like religious tracts.

s-l1600And people reacted to Loose Change in a near-religious way. It blew their fucking minds; many have never seen anything like that before, literally just saying that the government was a bunch of liars. It goes through many of the basic points of 9/11, disputing the “official” facts. Avery had initially started the project as a screenplay for a fictional movie about the event; but he later felt he had so much “evidence” to challenge that official story, he decided to make it into a documentary instead.

(Note: I’ll be basing my comments on Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut. There are later versions involving extra material, and I think Alex Jones, that I haven’t seen.)

One of the key elements of Loose Change—something that is also in abundance in the Jake Kotze synchromysticism videos we discussed in the previous installment—is the use of a modern soundtrack—hip-hop and electronica riffs. (Remember that “Matrix” 9/11 video I referenced in Messenger Shiva Part 1, with “Clubbed To Death” by Rob Dougan.)

This music, coupled with news footage, stock images, and quotes, gave videos like Loose Change a real type of immediacy and vitalness and sense of drama that could turn anything into something possibly conspiratorial or sinister. And it set a trend that so many other videos—including Zeitgeist—would use to great effect.

loose-change-2nd-edition-59122f66a6169.jpgIn terms of the content of Loose Change itself…this isn’t a post to hash out every point. Basically, the documentary believed that 9/11 was an “inside job”—used as a justification to get us into war in the Middle East, and used to make any number of interested parties wealthy though insurance payouts and “put” options on airlines. Special attention was paid to things like the details of the World Trade Center building collapse, the phone calls from Flight 93, and the identity of the the hijackers (some of whom were postulated to still be alive).

If we push the veracity of all the info from Loose Change aside and just consider the visceral impact of the film itself…my God, it is so compelling and convincing.

And the thing is, if you copy that movie’s format…you could make a film about anything, any crackpot theory you have, and make it sound and look compelling and convincing. (And people do it now ALL the time.)

But when a public feels disempowered…when the information given to them on a highly important issue is incomplete or clearly partially wrong (either through ineptitude or purposeful obfuscation)…when people watch their savings be wiped out because of illness or bank foreclosure or Wall Street malfeasance…when people are scared about their future, and rightfully so…they are going to turn to *whatever* info they can get!

Marilyn_Monroe_Dead_-_New_York_Daily_News__Monday__August_6__1962And my personal opinion about 9/11, and the possible involvement by the immediate U.S. government (which I would classify as Bush Jr., and etc), is similar to the one I have about Marilyn Monroe’s death. There’s a theory that Robert Kennedy & crew got to Marilyn’s apartment right after she died, but before the official investigation began. And they got in there to remove anything that would be embarrassing to the President. They didn’t order a “hit” on Marilyn; but they clearly knew that they had inappropriate relations with her, told her national security stuff they weren’t supposed to say, shared common acquaintances with corrupt backgrounds with her, etc. They were basically pulling a “cover up” not because they did the actual deed themselves…but because their tangential connection to the entire thing made them look really fucking bad.

Some of the stuff in the Avery documentary is not entirely accurate. But other stuff touches upon things that still to this day—no matter how many debunkings have been performed on Loose Change—just don’t add up. If 75% of your official story is accurate, but you are being stubborn about that last 25 for whatever assortment of reasons…it taints everything.

But what do I know?




As I explained in the first part of Messenger Shiva: while 9/11 still haunted me, I never specifically sought out to do “research” on it. I was seeking more of a “catharsis.” And I was also seeking a reason why my life was currently sucking ass.

At the time I encountered Loose Change, I was a) trying to recover from a long illness and b) preparing legal action against my former company. Both activities forced me to face the idea of “conspiracy” on a very real, personal scale.

In late 2003, medication I was given to treat heart problems and depression/anxiety both had catastrophic reactions in my body. The heart meds swelled up all my joints, and gave me continual pain to the point where I could not walk or even bend my goddamn fingers. I had to use a cane. And while I never had a panic attack before in my life…thanks to Zoloft, I certainly had them now. You know all those “worst case scenario” side-effects at the end of those medication commercials? I had pretty much all of them outside of straight-up death.


When confronted with this situation, my doctors were defensive and in disbelief. Even though those side-effects were either listed at the very end of those long warning labels or (I would find out later) were mentioned in the medical literature…they preferred to blame me for being sick from the medicine they gave me. They took no responsibility and offered me no options to fix this other than to take more meds.

And what immediately started me on taking the depression & anxiety meds in the first place was being in a work environment where I was harassed, groped, and eventually had my job penalized for not being “cool” about it. And this was a place…that literally created and maintained the world’s greatest heroes.

A panel from the last comic I helped edit…which featured a rape and a subsequent cover-up.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way…and lies, intimidation, and, I would find out later, a whole LOT of cover-ups.

This was the fertile ground from which I viewed Loose Change in the comfort of my own home, from my bed, tapping the keys of my laptop with swollen fingers that could barely move. I had been told my entire life to trust Authority; that if I trusted Authority, I would have some sort of protection and reward.

And that did not happen.




Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist took the “ball” that Loose Change started and just ran with it…ran with it far, far, FAR afield, wrapping 9/11 trutherism into a larger “megatheory” that owed a bit to David Icke (who we looked at in Part 2) but also to the theorist Jordan Maxwell. Maxwell had written and lectured on a bunch of straight-up conspiracy stuff but was also interested in “astro-theology”—the idea that a lot of traditional religion was in reality wrapped up with things like observing heavenly bodies and harvest seasons.

Was was astro-theology doing in a documentary about 9/11? After a recent re-viewing, I’m still not 100% sure. (though there is a larger statement the film is making, which we will get into).

Zeitgeist starts with a Maxwell quote, and then just dives into its theory that a) Jesus Christ was really the “sun”—hence, the Son (sun) of God and b) that Him, Horus, and other gods are all really the same figure. This is known as the Jesus Myth Hypothesis, and one of the biggest authors at the time to push this theory, outside of Maxwell, was Acharya S.


So what Zeitgeist in the first part of the film is trying to say is: Jesus and most of traditional religion is a big fat lie used to control the masses.

Now we JUMP! to part 2, which is about 9/11. This is a very big, disjointed jump, along the lines of Icke material. It is disorienting, but with the modern musical score and snappy editing/visuals, we quickly get into it anyway. And a lot of this stuff is already covered in Loose Change, so there is some overlap.

Part 3 of Zeitgeist is about the Federal Reserve, a “cabal of international bankers,” a series of world events said to be orchestrated by said bankers, and a warning that we are all going to end up in the New World Order and “chipped.”

the Cliff Notes version of “Zeitgeist”

The overarching message is: “you have been lied to.” Jesus is a lie, 9/11 was a lie, money is a lie, and everything is fucked.


Zeitgeist was notable because before this movie, many of these “New World Order” documentaries and theories were very much tied into Biblical stuff. The N.W.O. were the “satanists,” basically, agents of the Anti-Christ: persecuting Christians and fulfilling the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.

But Zeitgeist starts out with: “Jesus was a fraud.”

And that’s a BIG shift, paving the way for conspiracy theorists who were also either flat-out atheists or part of alternative religions.

zeitgeist-1Personally, while I found the comparative religion aspect of Zeitgeist interesting, I feel it sort of leaves a lot of stuff out and just goes for: “Jesus was supposed to represent the Sun and the 12 Apostles were the 12 signs of the zodiac and it was all bullshit and that’s it.”

The rest of the documentary contains info that’s been covered in other places (the stuff in part 3 can all reasonably be absorbed from the Jim Marrs book Rule By Secrecy)…but the point is the way this info was presented. And that jarring juxtaposition between “Jesus is a fraud” and “9/11 was an inside job” is a big part of that.

Now, anything that purports to be the Truth that is essentially telling you “you are being lied to about everything and exploited”…that’s pretty suspect, right? That’s pretty unhealthy and negative. It promotes paranoia.

But what if…in your own personal life…you have been lied to about everything and exploited?


In 2005, after being sick and bedridden for almost a year straight, I did independent research on my medical situation. I decided to safely withdraw from the meds I was still taking. I went on a strict diet purged of sugar, MSG, processed foods, soy, and alcohol.

Within less than six months, all my symptoms went away & I was back working.

Also in 2005, my former company, faced with a long chronology written by me of various malfeasances, offered me a settlement. I refused to sign the NDA for the big payout, much to my lawyer’s consternation. I explained that I needed to tell people the Truth.

She asked me if I could just dig a hole in the ground and just speak my Truth into there and bury it.