Our Brilliant Future: A Transhumanism Tale


The basic problem with the Brilliant Future we are facing is that it is largely not being made for us.

This Future is largely being constructed with a scarcity mentality. This, despite the huge potential wealth and resources from the emerging “space economy” and etc.

Part of this scarcity mentality is the belief that the Earth is too crowded. There are way too many people—specifically, there are way too many people that the builders of our Brilliant Future are not related to, or can at least relate to.

There emerges a certain disgust with the “unshaped” human; the non-“engineered” human. The human form “in the rough,” as it was.

Because as more and more “advancements” are made, you have a growing gap between the engineered human and the human in the rough.

The engineered human can have babies with “designer” genes for intelligence, attractiveness, physical prowess, and so on. Life-extension drugs and formulas can allow those who can afford them to stay younger longer and of course to live longer. And the option to integrate tech with one’s own body is always there; to act as an enhancement of one’s strength and senses, to give humans the option to “upload” their consciousness to a server and perhaps “live forever.”

Now, these technological and medical advancements could make Earth a paradise…if they were distributed evenly throughout the world. But they won’t.

Instead, after a few decades of this you will start to get two classes: the engineered human—the “desirable”—and the human in the rough (seen as a drain on resources and part of the “overpopulation problem”).

Competing alongside the engineered human is of course the AI itself. In an already shrinking job market, how can the human in the rough possibly compete with the engineered human and the robot/AI? They really can’t.

The human in the rough—often with low incomes (which is why they can’t afford any of these newfangled advancements or even decent health care for that matter)—increasingly appear “sickly,” unattractive, and even barbaric to the engineered human class.

The humans in the rough are increasingly seen as the carriers of disease and “bad genes.” They are seen as “bringing humanity down,” being a burden. It all comes down to that scarcity mentality again in the minds of the builders of our Brilliant Future—only now, they honestly feel they are developing solid justifications to depopulate a bit.

Engineered humans start to build an idea of aesthetics and beauty that moves further and further away from the human in the rough (a.k.a. the “basic” human). Aesthetics that embrace an increasingly non-human “uncanny valley” type of look. Certainly, the appearance of the increasingly advanced life-like robots is influential here; but so are cartoons.

Skin/flesh is increasingly seen as “gross.”

Engineered humanity begins to seriously believe that it is the “next logical step” in human evolution. That it might just be in line with Darwinist theory, and that the humans in the rough are destined to sort of eventually “go away.”

And they would be mistaken, in that true evolution is the evolution of consciousness. This is the great deception that will grip our Brilliant Future, leaving this Utopia a fake, cold husk while the souls of the saints develop and go elsewhere.