BL’s Journal, April 17 2018


People in “alternative” circles like to say that the period from mid-April to May 1st is some sort of pagan “sacrifice by burning” time. I am not a scholar of actual genuine traditional pagan rituals, so I have no idea if that is just a bunch of conspiracy wharrgarbl or not. What I do know is that on the eve of this supposed period, a well-respected guy in my neighborhood apparently set himself on fire and burned to death in the middle of the park.

Most likely, a complete coincidence. Even when I was just a little kid, I saw “patterns” in things. But this is a random universe. I digress.

It certainly does seem with this newest lawsuit against Alex Jones, that they’re really angling to shut him down. This is like the…what, 4th or 5th one now pending for him and Infowars? Like him or hate him, this is sort of a very…this is the sort of almost coordinated bombardment that shuts down an enterprise. I mean, for Gawker it just took that one Hulk Hogan lawsuit.

I never really “got” the “crisis actor” thing myself. Not that I don’t think in the entire history of modern media there haven’t been some fake witnesses and stuff like that. I mean, just look at that yodeling Walmart boy; that had to planned. But when you start claiming that most tragedies and events are “false flags,” and that every crying person is an “actor”…

I trace all of this back, at least in part, to the “Paul Is Dead” phenomenon. That’s the conspiracy theory where people thought Paul McCartney died in the mid-1960s, and was replaced by a lookalike.

One of the key elements of “Paul Is Dead” was the photo comparisons. Never mind that McCartney’s head was angled slightly differently in some of these photos. You also got, around the same time this was going on, the “Two Oswalds” theory, in which it was theorized that Lee Harvey Oswald had a double as well. And so you would get more of these photo comparisons (which were…based on my admittedly non-comprehensive research…a little more convincing than the McCartney stuff).

And from there…you get the whole idea of “cloned” celebrities, that two different celebrities or public figures were actually the same person, or the original was killed and a lookalike was hired to take their place, etc.

I’m not endorsing any of this, mind you, I’m just trying to tell you where these beliefs sprang from.

And then after 9/ll, there were all these theories that either the passengers from one or more of the planes were “swapped out” or removed before the events—taken to special hangars, maybe killed, maybe living the rest of their lives in witness protection programs (and I really feel like 2004’s LOST borrowed just a touch of this aspect). Also the idea that it wasn’t the real people on the planes talking to loved ones on the phones, but “trained actors.”

So then fast-forward to Sandy Hook in 2012, which was like one of the most horrible unthinkable events ever. A bunch of little children shot point-blank by a person who was barely an adult himself. And you just had the Aurora “Dark Knight” mass shooting a few months before that.

Before the “crisis actor” theory came in vogue, many conspiracy theorists blamed some variation of MK-ULTRA for these mass shootings. That the perps were usually troubled young men (or older men) who were cultivated and mentally fucked-with as “patsies” to carry out these crimes.

But with the dawn of the “crisis actor” theory, the MK-ULTRA theory kinda faded in the background. Now there was a debate as to whether the event itself was “real” at all.

And that’s a BIG fucking leap, my friends.

And I could go on and tie the idea of crisis acting and “unreal” events with the rise in Mandela Effect “reports” and whatnot.

Earlier today I read a theory on a message board that said The Matrix couldn’t have been directed by the Wachowskis, because they are transgender and wouldn’t have “comprehended” or had the “capacity” to create such a wonderful red-pill work of insight. That there were “real” directors behind-the-scenes who actually did direct it, and that connecting the Wachowskis to the movie was like an Archonic plot to discredit the movie after-the-fact and keep humanity enslaved.

Because God knows, there has been NO correlation between transgender/androgynous/bi-gender/bisexual people and deep spiritual shamanic magickal enterprises in the entire history of human kind. I heard that Dane Cook actually directed The Matrix—is that true?

On the other hand…I also believe that the ultimate arbiter of reality is the individual itself. I have a post on it: “Reality Wars.”

Long story short: it’s a slippery slope.

Anyway…a few years back, I appeared on Infowars to promote a comic book I wrote. And at some point during that interview, I felt the need to simply tell Alex Jones that while I, like him, also supported the quest of human liberty, I didn’t agree with all his opinions on that show. I didn’t do it in a confrontational or snarky way, but like I was just talking to another human being.

And he was incredibly polite about it, and said he supported equal rights for all people regardless of gender, color, and etc. Like he was almost taken aback for a second…but then sort of related back to me in this sort of genuinely non-defensive way, trying to communicate in a civilized human manner.

That always stuck in my mind for the following reason. I’ve had disagreements—or others have had disagreements with me—on the Internet, where the other party will essentially call me a cunt and satan and a shitty person and I should die in a fire and shoot myself and that their mission on Earth will be from now on to publicly tell the world that I’m a shitty satanic wrong-headed cunt asshole fucker. And some of these situations I found myself in…were with people who represented…supposedly…a far more enlightened and peaceful sort of individual and mindset than what Jones is known for.

And so life…is strange. And messy. And often…grey.

But to get back to the point: no, this Sandy Hook “crisis actor” theory is pretty bad, and for this to be the hill that Jones might “die” on is just pretty fucked. So many other important things to fight for. Stupid fucking Sandy Hook theory (which has, of course, mutated into the “Parkland” theory).

Jones should be talking about AI and internet privacy and self-driving cars and human/animal hybrid genetics and the upcoming space economy every single day on his show instead, if he really wanted to “prepare” people.

I think the whole “purpose” of Trump was to encourage people like Jones, Hannity, all these peeps, to act out their deepest darkest ids and then just get them all off the air. Here: that’s my conspiracy theory!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!