4.18.18: Good Guys, Bad Guys…What Team Are You On?


I *do* have some odds and ends to mention today, before I forget…

First, a few things about—and tangential—to this WSJ piece that just came out on Washington super-lobbyist Tony Podesta & the fall of his company in the wake of Hillary Clinton losing the election and a bunch of other things.

You probably have heard of the conspiracy theory related to his brother, John Podesta. I’m not going to mention that theory by name—because apparently every time I do, I see through my site statistics app weird “attention” on my site from Google & etc., including a slow-down in my traffic. So maybe that’s just a loaded word programmed into some sort of “flagging” algorithm.


But you don’t have to buy into that theory AT ALL to see that these guys are…they’re not the comic book “good guys,” if you know what I mean. Tony Podesta was hired by Paul Manafort (soon to be Trump’s future former campaign manager) at one point to represent Ukrainian interests. When Manafort got in trouble, that fucked Podesta.

“Good Guys”/”Bad Guys”—what “team” are you on? Maybe a lot of these people are on the same “team,” you know?


Something that these Podesta conspiracy theorists will focus on is the brothers’ weird-ass art collection—they will often use that as “proof” that the brothers were up to some grand malfeasance. But it could also be…that they are just unpleasant people who like being surrounded by what they feel is edgy “high art” (like peeps who collect serial killer paintings).

For example, in the WSJ piece a picture of Tony’s art collection focuses on “The Arch Of Hysteria” sculpture by Louise Bourgeois. It’s a disturbing image by itself—a headless body arched all the way back in what looks like agony—and I’m not even going to Google it. Because. It looks EXACTLY like a police polaroid of one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims & I know if I Google this, that horrifying real-life image is going to pop up. (but I did it anyway, goddammit)


Was Bourgeois’ inspiration that police pic? Well, Dahmer was arrested in 1991. That statue was made in 1993. And they look almost identical.

Was Tony Podesta a blood-drinking child-diddling Illuminati monster for owning that grotesque sculpture and placing it front-and-center in his house like it was fucking “Whistler’s Mother” or some tame shit like that? Or just kind of an asshole?


Occam’s razor. (though certainly, I think that conspiracies like “the conspiracy that must not be named” do exist. Start with the Catholic Church, move on to the U.S.A. Olympics team, then Jimmy Savile, and then keep going).

As for John Podesta, I remember when, in the first blush of Hillary’s campaign for president, he was tweeting quite a bit about alien life and Disclosure and all this shit. And I thought to myself—”wow, he’s pretty brave to be doing this; because he’s a public figure and Hillary’s campaign manager and all that. Maybe times are changing and we are really are going to have that Disclosure!”


And I also used to wonder why Trump’s team—who threw every down and dirty thing imaginable at Hillary—wouldn’t nail Podesta on these “alien tweets.” Seemed like low-hanging fruit to me.

Then…the Wikileaks thing happened—actually, two waves of it happened. First was the Podesta UFO stuff—not a tremendous lot there, but what was there was as weird as fuck—and then that grand child-diddling conspiracy broke.

And I was like:


Aha…no, Podesta did get nailed for shooting his mouth off on this shit. Just in a very particular, roundabout way.

“The attempt to destroy both Dr. Reich and Dr. Leary reached its most intense peak right after they reported their extraterrestrial contacts…I keep having very weird theories about what that means…”
—Robert Anton Wilson, “Cosmic Trigger I”

Anyway, I recommend that you read that WSJ article to get a picture in your mind of how these circles operate…not just the Republican ones, but the Democratic ones. How does anything get done of value in Washington D.C. outside of all these rich people and companies and countries trying to lobby the White House and Congress?

There’s also this video Get Out director Jordan Peele did demonstrating how words can be put into the mouth of any person using artificial intelligence—he had a hyper-realistic Obama CGI saying all this shit:

The stated reason for putting out the video, which was sponsored by Buzzfeed, was that because of these scary new innovations in AI, we should always trust “respected news sources.”

You know: respected news sources. Like Buzzfeed, whose current top headlines include “Make A Margarita And We’ll Tell You Which Jimmy Buffet Song You Are” and “18 Reasons You Should Just Stop Hating On Taylor Swift Already.”

Oh man…that’s a whole separate post.

I still haven’t eaten that bowl of cereal. God-damn-it.