4.19.18: In The Backwater Swirling

saint-trollfaceAnd so here we have a story about how Hans Asperger, the Austrian psychiatrist who is best known for his research into high-functioning autism—and for whom the condition Asperger’s Syndrome is named—cooperated with the Nazis and sent a whole bunch of his child patients to be euthanized:

A recent study by Dr Herwig Czech, a historian of medicine, has analysed previously unseen documents including Dr Asperger’s personnel file and case records of his patients from between 1928 and 1944 which had previously been thought to have been destroyed.

The documents suggest that Professor Asperger ingratiated himself with the Nazi regime to the extent of participating in its murderous euthanasia programme.

Asperger is said to have referred profoundly disabled children to the notorious Am Spiegelgrund clinic, where their “unworthy” lives were snuffed out.

Maybe…maybe we stop naming this condition after this guy. Just a thought.

As I’ve written before, I’ve always believed that the expected wave of “indigo children” so many New Age types have written about in such idealized rapture were actually high-functioning autistics & those with Asperger’s. Certainly, there have always been children with this condition, but the #s have seemed to skyrocket over the last several decades.


But instead of seeing what the positives were with these kids, these New Agers just couldn’t “see” them—because they were still waiting for like a pack of etherial “star children” who all spoke faerie-language and could shoot ancient sigils of healing out of their solar plexus like the Care Bears. Instead they got videogame experts, memes, and a lot of other stuff they just couldn’t relate to and/or flat-out objected to.

The biggest thing afflicting the traditional “New Age” type mentality is a lack of vision. I have no doubt that if Aleister Crowley was alive today he’d be the biggest troll shitposter of them all.


Right now I’m trying to transcribe a stack of notebook journals from the past several years. There are periods of time when I’m really smart and type my journal entries directly into my computer or phone. And then every once in a while I get the bright idea to “get in touch with nature” and put pencil to paper. The result?

I have one journal right now from last year where I’ve managed to fit two lines of teeny-tiny text into each regular line. I’m taking out my ruler here to measure…each block letter is 3 millimeters tall! What in God’s name was I thinking? That I needed to “conserve” paper?

I’m going fucking blind here transcribing this shit!

Oh, well. Have a great day!