4.20.18: This Grand Archetypal Loss


Outside of that “psycho-electric weapons” story, which I’ve just posted, I don’t have a lot to say here…but I do like just keeping up with the journal on a mostly daily basis, so…

Today is known as “420” day—if you know what I mean.


Drugs: I haven’t really done much in my lifetime (outside of taking prescription stuff), but I’m also not going to blanket-condemn others over it. Drugs are a spectrum, like everything else. I do suspect, based on the work of Terence McKenna and others, that “ancient” humanity integrated natural psychedelic substances far more in their lives; as a source of religious revelation and maybe even psychic health.

I’m way too psychically sensitive to do a lot of that stuff. I don’t mean that as a humble-brag, because I don’t think I’m really “psychic” in any really useful way, and I also think it’s the natural birthright of humanity to be psychic to some degree. I think things like being intuitive and using psychedelics for religious purposes and all that stuff is something early humans really thrived on; and as it was all systematically removed from their lives it caused this deep soul-rift, this grand archetypal loss.


And as I think Salvador Dali once said: “I don’t take drugs; I am drugs.”

But of course…alcohol is a drug as well. And meditation can also be a “drug.” Exercise can be a drug…it’s all about altering your state of consciousness. And it’s like magick, it could go “white” or “black” or “grey.” Peter Levenda’s point in the Sinister Forces series was that the govt’s experiments with LSD took everything to a “dark” place because the “set and setting” was dark and soulless. And also that…these psychedelics have some sort of metaphysical quality to them that open up “doors” and cause all these weird uncanny phenomenons. There seems to be a religious aspect to them sort of “built-in,” and religion can of course be used for good or nil.

it actually wasn’t 23, but note the “magic” number

Today’s also the anniversary of the Columbine massacre…one day after the anniversaries of the Waco burning and the Oklahoma City bombing and a bunch of other terrible shit. Enough ink has been spilled on the subject, and I’m not sure what I could really add at this exact moment. But in general, when you look at the historical record on it…this period from mid-April to the start of May attracts a lot of heavy shit.

And lastly, DJ Avicii, who was really up-and-coming and had a bunch of EDM hits, suddenly died in Oman of possible alcohol-related circumstances at the age of 28. If you look at his video for “Levels,” below, there’s a lot of metaphysical/shamanic action and imagery.

And that’s it. I really do read too much Daily Mail. I know.