BL’s Journal: April 21 2018


So I was reading about how Allison Mack—who played the “nice smart girl” on the TV series Smallvillewas just arrested for being second-in-command of this self-improvement organization, NXIVM, that seems to have been a front for a sex slavery cult.

This cult is accused of sex-trafficking, branding women’s flesh, all this lurid shit…under the guise of like some “empowerment” seminar thing that your own company might have sent you to attend.

You know, literally—it’s a plot too crazy for even Smallville.

And immediately it just popped into my mind: this is basically Charles Manson all over again, in a way. I mean, your cult leader here is this unassuming, “normal-looking,” self-improvement guru dude…but it’s sort of the same basic dynamics in a “different” skin.

And then I remembered how I read in Sinister Forces that Manson himself was highly influenced by standard self-improvement tomes and theory…in prison, before he created his cult, he was studying Scientology and NLP and (I believe) How To Make Friends And Influence People and all that jazz.

Many of the basic tenets of the self-improvement genre look very similar to shamanism, magick, and flat-out cult stuff. That doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to look them up and try to use them to better your life…but most people (in some cases to their severe detriment) don’t understand the wider context.

And so then you get a guy like Kyle Odom who was already fragile and then decides to take up meditation for self-improvement…and then believes he’s caught up in a web of alien sex predators & has to shoot his pastor. A guy like that shouldn’t have been doing freeform meditation, full-stop. Maybe he was just insane, maybe the meditation opened up “doors” that shouldn’t have been opened…and maybe both.

You look up a basic life-coach/self-improvement guru/holistic healer—a lot of them (not all, mind you) will be suggesting right up-front all these mind-altering things like meditation, hypnosis, mantras, looking up this or that “prosperity god/dess” as your personal savior. Most of these people are not the heads of evil cults. And you may very well find benefit from their suggestions. Meditation can be a great thing.

But you still need to understand the full context of all this. (Most people don’t.)

And then keep in mind: no less a pillar of the self-improvement category as Napoleon Hill straight-up admitted towards the end of his life that he had been channeling a lot of his info from invisible entities. Napoleon Hill, one of these guys that stuffy old-time corporate types will swear by as a reputable source for self-improvement and career success.

And so Hill…influenced the lives of countless people, using info he got from God-knows-where (he called it, “The Master”). Doesn’t mean the info was bad or was unhelpful (they’re generally good books). Doesn’t mean any of this is bad at all. But again: it’s helpful to keep in mind the wider context, just for your own discernment.

Going back to Allison Mack, what’s also nuts is that she had a storyline in Smallville itself that was in some ways similar to what ended up happening to her in real-life. (Keep in mind, Smallville takes place in the Superman universe.) She gets seduced by a seemingly benign healer (EMT worker) who is secretly basically the Anti-Christ (literally, named “Doomsday”). And even when she finds out he’s the Anti-Christ, she still sticks by him & then I think she also gets possessed by “Brainiac” and becomes evil as well.

It’s alleged that her cult was basically “collecting” insecure actresses (often from cancelled “geek” TV shows)…shades of the Manson/Hollywood connection!

And Mack once tweeted a pic of Marina Abramović with no apparent context—so the tireless advocates of “The Conspiracy That Cannot Be Named” have held on to that little nugget pretty tightly.


Remember two things:

  1. Maintain a wider context.
  2. Maintain a sense of humor.

Your biggest asset is going to be your sense of humor. If you find yourself losing that…especially about yourself…then, you may very well be in big trouble. Like Allison Mack and Kyle Odom.