My Thoughts On Kanye West


Oh sure, why not?

I’ve been writing posts about what seems like Kanye West’s “deteriorating mental condition” for years.

Here’s the thing—

I think West, on some level, realizes the BS crazy-ass Hollywood reality-show BS he’s ensconced within. That it is controlling, that it is cult-like, in some ways.

And that because he’s a public figure with a great deal of influence, he gets a lot of pressure from every side as to how to present all that, what type of ideas he should champion, and so on.

And when he talks about “mind-control,” and stuff like that, he is addressing those specific pressures.

Is he “pro-Trump”?

I think that a number of celebrities who find themselves caught in that crazy spiral feel they are not so much “pro-Trump” as just anti-“Anything But That.”

But because they are not neatly falling within one “side” or the other, they end up being “vulnerable.” Because if you are “selling” something, if you’re a “salesman” (or “saleswoman”), you need to have a Side.

And if you are venturing towards a POV where there’s no distinct “side,” it becomes a problem, from a “selling” point of view.

And as the pressure starts creeping in on you, you start to feel you need to wrap yourself around one side or the other anyway. Just for protection.

West loves Donald Glover and Scott Adams. I know it’s hard to believe a person can just agree with different people for different things. Because it seems more “convenient” to have a world where things can be reduced to more of a binary, black-or-white scenario.

But this world is a spectrum. Distrust people of any ideology who want to reduce it to that “with us or against us” binary.

I’ve put up with that BS for years. I’m done with it too.

“Style is genderless.”
Kanye West, obviously a conservative stooge