BL’s Journal, April 26 2018


I will start this by saying I recently watched an Alan Watts video—embedded below—in which he says the ancient Hindu idea of “time” was not one long line of linear history but rather cyclical events and personages.

And this reminded me of the “phantom time” theories of Anatoly Fomenko, in which it is hypothesized that record human history might have lost 1000 years due to fucking-with by the Catholic Church to remove the pagan and Roman influence once-and-for-all. Within that theory is the idea of “synchronizing” various historical figures and events with ones from other time periods—the “cyclic” idea from ancient Asian cultures once again.

If we look at the Wikipedia entry for Fomenko’s “New Chronology,” there is a ton of arguments making the case that his work is “pseudohistorical” (the irony being…the whole crux of his work is about accepted history itself being psuedohistorical.)

I have not delved into his theories enough to make any statement one way or another on its credibility.  (And you can read a bunch of his work here, just in case you are curious and have some time on your hands—caution, not a quick read!) But I do feel that some basic ideas that have emerged from his work—and that of the whole new “Cultural Layer” category of alternative thought—are at least springboards for other inquiries and intellectual pursuits.

Of course, like any other academic subject or radical fringe fever-dream thought up by a genius-level misanthropic dope smoker, such theories can be “weaponized” by an assortment of racists and fascists and etc.. I surprisingly haven’t seen much, if any, Holocaust denial in Cultural Layer circles. Actually, the big place where you see some Nazi sympathizers is, unfortunately, the Flat Earth crowd. Not smearing all Flat-Earthers with that brush, but if you go delving into YouTube about those theories, don’t be surprised if you start running into that stuff.

Going back to the idea of cyclical time—and I’ve written a post about the phenomenon, in a personal aspect, here—I really do tend to believe in that. We see the same—or, startlingly similar—patterns play out over and over again. (Also see my post “The Progression Of The Ages: A Theory Of Resonance”)

Philip K. Dick believed that we were all really living in Ancient Roman times. Fomenko seems to be, at least in a sense, on the same page as Dick. The idea that Roman pagan and ideological influence persisted, largely uninterrupted, up to the present day.

Consider Trump/Nixon, Manson Family/NXIVM, and a whole bunch of parallels between 1968/2018. Cyclical time? What haven’t we learned yet that this all keeps happening? Or are we really supposed to “learn” anything?

1968 was a big year for Bill Cosby. Following winning a record three Emmys for his role in I Spy (which was a personal fave TV show of mine) in the mid-1960s, Cosby shifted gears in ’68 and laid the foundation for himself not only as a notable actor/comedian, but as an important voice for social equality and justice. That year he narrated Black History: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed—a highly influential CBS documentary on the black experience in America.

And now—I mean now, he’s facing spending the rest of his life in prison for rape.

I remember this man as the archetype of the “cool dad” when I was a kid. Later, long after I grew out of The Cosby Show, I looked up old episodes of I Spy—the 60s action/comedy he did with Robert Culp—and really just loved them & loved his deadpan performance in them.


Feeling perplexed & not just a little bit emotionally exhausted (for partially personal reasons) from over two years of #MeToo (if you count the Cosby revelations as the unofficial “start” of the whole movement), I did what I usually do to get myself grounded—I looked up sketchy YouTube videos about the Illuminati to see what they thought about this whole Cosby business.

And one video, featuring a psychedelic Photoshop of a bearded 70s-era Cosby wearing a Shriner’s fez (epilepsy warning), made the point that though the actor probably committed some/most of those crimes, the “powers that be” basically “let” him do it to eventually destroy him. That these celebrities get a “free pass” to do these crimes, people looking the other way…unless they make a move to do something that “threatens” the status quo. And then all this stuff—until recently suppressed by the media—comes out on them in public.

And the big current conspiracy theory about that in regards to Cosby—at least per the social media noosphere—is about how he had made a move to buy NBC in the early 1990s & that greatly alarmed The Powers That Be:

Per Nikki Finke in Vanity Fair:

Cosby, not surprisingly, is reticent about his NBC plans. By mid-June, he was telling reporters, “I’m not commenting until the damn thing is finished.” One thing is clear: Cosby’s ambition is not financially motivated, but is fueled instead by specific creative, ideological, and even spiritual beliefs, a far cry from the M&A raids of the 80s. Cosby’s is a distinctly 90s campaign, a charismatic’s crusade rooted in the values of Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson but empowered, at least in part, by desperate Wall Street investment bankers who have seen their godlike status relegated to mere traders. Those close to the star say that Cosby is driven by what he sees as three specific sins: television’s one-dimensional stereotyping of African-Americans, the pervasiveness of violence-as-entertainment in TV programming, and NBC’s cancellation of his Here and Now sitcom.

Here’s the Schrödinger’s cat-level question I pose to you (and lets push all the “Illuminati Dark Magic Masonic Conspiracy” wharrgarbl out of the way for the moment):

Is it possible that Cosby both drugged/raped the overwhelming majority of those women AND was also targeted, in some way, for being an African-American role-model?

Can our minds be large enough to entertain the co-existence of both possibilities?

Is Harvey Weinstein even close to standing trial yet? If ever?

This is not to diminish Cosby’s culpability (no pun intended) for his crimes, or the fact that by his actions he endangered those values and social causes that he claimed were so dear to him.

Cosby was, ultimately, an asshole.

But if you read the info on the NXIVM organization, this same mechanism of gathering blackmail info on the members and then threatening them if they get out of line is there. And that’s been alleged regarding Scientology too.

And J. Edgar Hoover was doing that shit for real. And no doubt, there were “files” on his more colorful private behavior as well.

So who knows? I’m glad Cosby was found guilty. Maybe “glad” is not the exact word I would use.

Where was I? Hindu concepts of cyclical time?

What events seem to be “recurring” in your own life?

Anyway, that’s it for now. Have a good day.

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