Meeting Rosemary’s Baby


In case you’ve been sitting under a rock—or, more likely, getting fresh air and being away from social media—there is this sync going around surrounding Kate Middleton showing off her new baby. Middleton’s dress in the photo is almost exactly like that of Mia Farrow in a shot from the 1968 (a year I talk a lot about on this blog) movie Rosemary’s Baby:


Is the implication that Middleton’s baby is the Anti-Christ? Well, royal-watchers have hastened to point out that the red dress with lace collar is most likely a tribute to that worn by Princess Diana when she showed off her new baby:


Which then…brings us back to the implication…uh


And this all reminded me of one of my all-time favorite personal syncs.

It was early 2014, and I’d been doing a lot of reading up on the symbology surrounding the movie Rosemary’s Baby. This movie is, unfortunately, a whole matrix of unfortunate coincidences and resonances—which, strangely, does seem to happen a bit on these heavily occult-themed movies. I have nothing against occult-themed movies—and have indeed enjoyed a number of them—but I’m just pointing a recurring phenomenon.

A1Vmrrc2S+L._SY445_.jpgA number of these “dark syncs” surround the movie’s director, Roman Polanski, and his late wife Sharon Tate. We can of course start with the fact that a very pregnant Tate was slain by the devotees of a man considered by some to be the Anti-Christ himself—one year and two months after the release of the film.

But there are also far more “peripheral” syncs regarding Rosemary’s Baby, such as when Polanski, Tate, and Robert F. Kennedy all attended a dinner at director John Frankenheimer’s house in June of 1968, the month of the film’s release—RFK would be dead by midnight the following day. And, of course, former Beatle John Lennon would be slain in front of the building used in the movie, The Dakota.

But you could also look at how Rosemary’s Baby links up with occult themes such as the idea of “The Moonchild”—the subject of a 1917 novel by Aleister Crowley concerning the magickal creation of a “baby.” The idea that such a homunculus could be created by occult means, perhaps during a sex ritual, perhaps where the male of the equation either is Satan or is possessed by Satan, is not a new one. In fact, another horror movie from 1968, The Devil Rides Out, had similar themes and featured a character somewhat based on Crowley himself.

And so literally right in the middle of researching all these Rosemary’s Baby syncs and resonances, I received an email to appear on…The Ronan Farrow Show on MSNBC.


I was currently promoting a comic book I wrote, and they contacted me. So I was like “sure.”

Now, the old-time rumor about Farrow was that he wasn’t the biological son of Woody Allen, but rather the result of a last fling his mother Mia had with her ex, Frank Sinatra. And I don’t know if that is true, but…


This was really one of the prettiest damn men I’ve ever been in the presence of, with these absolutely stunning piercing blue eyes.

And then, I remembered all the Rosemary’s Baby syncs I had been researching…how the plot of the movie was about this woman who was supposed to have sex with her husband to conceive the baby, but that really wasn’t her husband at all, but instead…that other guy…


And, of course, that famous line:


Which are…of course…“Ol’ Blue Eyes.”


Now, this is all not to imply that Ronan Farrow is indeed the Anti-Christ—though Harvey Weinstein might differ in this opinion. He’s actually a very cool guy & I’m sure if there was a way to prove that he was not blood-related to Woody Allen—a man he absolutely loathes for allegedly molesting his sister—I think he’d be fine with it.

Anyway…that’s the sorta weird sync you might get if you do way too much research on synchronicities and really need to leave the house for fresh air.