5.2.18: The Cryptic Quatrains Of Nostradamus & Other Absurdities


Happy Wednesday.

Thank you for all your emails and such—it helps me to keep writing!


Just a smattering of interesting news stories and whatnot for you to consider:

Controversial biotech startup dude Aaron Traywick, 28, was just found dead in a sensory deprivation tank at a Washington D.C. spa. Traywick was best known for self-injecting himself with a DIY herpes treatment at a biohacker conference in order to speed up the FDA approval process.

In recent weeks Traywick was having a public battle with the person who seems to be the most currently famous in the biohacker movement, Josiah Zayner. On a Facebook post about Traywick’s death Zayner wrote:

“Aaron and I had a pretty strange relationship. We didn’t agree on how to go about consumer/DIY gene therapy. I wanted him to be more thoughtful in his experiments and said so publicly and in the press, which lead to him bringing a libel lawsuit against me and Gizmodo Media.”

I realize that I’ve just written a post arguing that sometimes a suicide is “just” a suicide. Thing is, here we don’t know what the official cause of death is yet. And when we speak about a sort of  a highly “disruptive” field as biohacking—which basically challenges the $bottom line$ of status quo in many ways—who the hell knows what’s going on?

And I’d say the same thing about Elon Musk.

So there!


Quick Kanye take (God help me):

He never said that actual historical slavery was a “choice.” It’s irresponsible for people to report this as such. He never said it.


However, he did discount many decades and centuries of institutionalized racism that has made it more difficult for people of color to succeed. And that sucked, and was a cheap shot, and I understand why people are angry at him and “canceling” him as an entity.


It was also more like he was spouting off a lot of new agey “Law Of Attraction” shit he didn’t fully have a grasp on and probably shouldn’t have been fucking talking about in the fucking first place.

“Law Of Attraction” can be used as a powerful tool to soar past limitations (both imposed outwardly, and self-wrought)…OR it can be used as a cudgel against the poor and struggling by saying that if you’re poor, you probably “radiated” poverty and ergo it’s probably your own fault.


This is not to say that a person in poverty can’t radically embrace “Law Of Attraction”—I mean, to a fanatical degree—and bring him- or herself out of all that and into abundance. As long as you realize, at some point—you are dealing with the heavy machinery of magick and shamanism. (but most practitioners and teachers won’t tell you that)

I think that Kanye radiates a “magical child” archetype (not quite the “dragon” one he was hoping for) that opens him up to manipulation on every side. I think the fact that he has consciously recognized the Get Out conspiracy theory he is a focus of in a recent tweet—referencing “the sunken place”—it’s almost alarming, to me. He has become the hypersigil, he has willingly become the meme.

Kanye has become a meme. I mean, in the deepest sense. It’s not good. Let’s revisit this in six months and review.


Lastly, some people have been asking me for my “take” on QAnon. For the uninitiated, QAnon is a series of cryptic posts on 4chan seemingly commenting on American politics, “the deep state,” and other issues.

I have not read enough of QAnon’s posts to feel that I can really make an educated guess as to what it is all about.

Really, there are three possibilities here:

  1. It’s a straight-up LARP
  2. It’s purposeful propaganda
  3. It’s indeed written by a very high-level person in the government, as popularly theorized, who just wants to get a bunch of very real things off his or her (but probably his) chest.

IDEA: what if it’s all three?


I often find that the actual truth on many things is very messy and satisfies people on neither extreme ideological polarity.

I also feel that one person’s LARP can easy “bleed” into reality. (SEE: “You Created A Fake Religion And It Became Real. Now What?” ALSO: read Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger I. ALSO: look up Kerry Thornley)

In addition, let’s go back in time and consider the cryptic quatrains of Nostradamus. I’m willing to bet…QAnon is very similar. (take that, depending on your knowledge of Nostradamus, as you will)

Time moves in recurring cycles. What “we” have seen once we will mostly likely see again. You can set your watch on it.

Have an excellent day.