5.4.18: Strategic Delusion™ For Beginners


The problem, as I see it, is that everything is getting separated out into the binary of:

a) Highly-controlled manipulative “official story” we aren’t allowed to question.


b) Massive wharrgarbl conspiracy meta-theory so fantastic nobody would believe it.

And life doesn’t work like that. The truth—or as close to something approximating “the truth” as we can get—doesn’t work like that.



The problem with Elon Musk’s “Tesla” is the name itself. The company is named after an incredible unsung genius, yes. But it is also named after a man who was utterly destroyed by jealous and greedy outside forces.


Ultimately, naming the company “Tesla” gives it the overhanging “shadow”—or: energy—of impending failure and dissolution. It’s subconsciously grafting a very archetypal narrative to this business.

Am I being superstitious? I hope I’m wrong.




Hulk Hogan is about to return to professional wrestling for yet another comeback, and Rowdy Roddy Piper is dead. There’s another archetypal narrative for you.


And it’s because Piper allowed himself to give his whole heart to what he did, and Hogan was a calculating actor. All that vital energy left Piper after every performance, because he was being genuine—and Hogan was, in contrast, a calculating actor.

Piper played Piper as himself—turning himself into a hypersigil.

Hogan was a calculating actor.

At some point in life, you need to decide—are you going to be a Hulk Hogan or a Roddy Piper?

I won’t judge.



The paradox is as follows:

The easiest way to use The Law Of Attraction and The Power Of Positive Thinking to become successful is to be fanatical about it and purposely see everything through this hyper-lens of extreme self-confidence and positivity—even when circumstances don’t warrant it.

Which is to say: such practices encourage a certain degree of delusion.

But it is also to say: such practices can work, especially if what I call Strategic Delusion™ is employed.

But the trick is: in order for it all to work, you can’t admit to yourself it’s delusion (“strategic” or otherwise).

The first rule of Strategic Delusion™ is, you do not talk about Strategic Delusion™.


So what you have now basically are diametrically opposed (ever-larger) groups of men (on one side) and women (on the other side) who want nothing to do with each other. I’m not arguing if one side is right or one side is wrong, or if one side is “righter” than the other.

I’m just telling you what the situation is.

Luckily, we can now produce embryos without sperm or eggs.



Literally, this was the current headline on Huffington Post this morning:



Stay tuned for my massive, 13-tape set  “The Power Of Strategic Delusion™”—only $665.99 if you act now!

First 23 orders get a special DNA swab from a plastic cup Tony Robbins once drank water out of. Biohack your own Tony Homunculus™!


Consider that the best way to “cover up” something nowadays is to not cover it up at all—but rather to present it within an overly-saturated news-cycle to a stressed-out, exhausted and thoroughly distracted public.


picarticle-stormyI don’t think less of Stormy Daniels because of her profession. I do, however, look askance at the way she and her lawyer approach things publicly with a very “reality show” mindset.

Now, one may point out that perhaps the only way they may “win” in our current climate is to be as “reality show conscious” as the POTUS. That this is why Hillary lost, because she didn’t have enough grasp of this methodology that plays out so well in social media nowadays.

But it has always been my belief that this entire TMZ-ing of politics, ideological disputes, and so on is ultimately being done to distract us about a whole packet of technologically-driven things that will massively disrupt our daily lives within the next 5 years.




And Hillary ultimately lost because:

a) There was a disingenuous quality with the way she handled (first) Obama and (second) Bernie Sanders in her campaigns.

b) She featured The Meme Which Should Not Be Named on her campaign website as the key symbol of the “Deplorables”—mainstreaming the idea-virus right on her own property. I remember seeing that and I was like: “oh, fudge.”

She lost, ultimately, because she had a poor grasp of contemporary magick.


Lastly, I want to turn your attention to a lecture by Robert Anton Wilson which I’ve listened to easily at least 25 times over the past five years.

It’s called “The Acceleration Of Knowledge,” and it explains how human knowledge and invention doubles over and over upon itself as the centuries and decades and years and minutes fly by. Wilson doesn’t speak to the idea of The Singularity here, per se—but it’s certainly implied.

I was going to provide you with a more granular summary of this lecture—but if you have the time and inclination I’d suggest you listen to it in its entirety. (or at least the first half-hour to 45 minutes)

Listen to it in its entirety, and then apply what you’ve learned to what the next five years might look like, if not just 2020. And specifically, how America itself may be impacted.

Ask yourself why I would listen to this one lecture so many times.

Thank you for reading, and have a good weekend!