5.10.18: I Hate It Here


How are YOU doing this morning?

I realize a lot of people right now are going through some tough times.

And I’m not sure…what I can do. Other than just present some alternative ideas, and to say: there is more to Everything than “this”—this BS world of debt, bills, stress, self-hatred, and etc.

If there is a real “mega-conspiracy” out there, I think it’s to make people feel as if there isn’t anything else but that materialistic spiral. Let’s move all the other wharrgarbly-bits out of the way—all the lizards, various Illuminatis (Illuminatuses?), spooks, sociopathic lunatics, and cyborg-sharks—and just focus on that for a second.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are not some grist to feed into the machine.


Your worth as a person is not determined by your material wealth or your status in the Hierarchy. You were deposited on this Earth, from Realms Unknown, perfect.

And people just need to be reminded of this every once in a while, I think.






I don’t give a shit what new revelation Stormy Daniels has about Trump.

You know what will take down somebody like Trump? It’s not the Russia stuff, or paying off porn stars, or some offensive wharrgarbl he says, or anything like that.

Here is a crucial lesson to understand: what truly takes down a person like that is nothing “juicy,” or bombastic, or whatever.

It’s usually a very “quiet,” boring reason that has to ultimately do with $$$.

So let’s say he imposes a certain tariff here, or makes it harder for some other country to import/export a precious mineral, or even makes a decision that cuts into the “bottom line” of powerful/rich people domestically. It may be something that you wouldn’t even know about or understand unless you were a regular reader of the Economist (or maybe Zerohedge).


And that little decision he makes…or that certain bill or tariff or sanction or whatever that he signs off on…ends up costing some entity or entities out there billions of lost $$$.

And that’s when the mechanism gets put in place, piece by piece, to get him out of office one way or another.

Not Stormy Daniels, not “Russiagate,” not anything so easily comprehensible by the masses.

That being said, those more sensationalistic reasons might be grafted on to the “ousting.” You know: just for “entertainment” purposes.


But when you read a site like The Palmer Report—which is essentially “Trump Impeachment Fan-Fiction”—and every day they’re like “hoo boy, this scandal right here is gonna finally do Trumpie in!” OR “Mueller’s really got him on the ropes now!”…

No, that’s not how it all really works. That stuff is fan-fiction.







In a new survey, 1 out of 6 people polled said they would prefer having sex with a robot than a human.

Of course, the survey was conducted by a sex toy company, so there’s the question of whether they were just polling their own customer base—who might be already purchasing mechanical implements and are merely looking to “upgrade.”

But the particulars really aren’t that “important.” I feel—and I could be wrong, here—that the media and certain corporations kind of “want” to promote the idea of fucking robots. It’s the ultimate commodification—selling pre-made sex partners.

A sex-bot with an Apple logo on its ass. That’s pretty much it. With one of the ports inexplicably removed in the latest model so you need to use a splitter in order to fuck and charge it at the same time.




Every time we get involved with an international conflict nowadays, Alex Jones is like “well, maybe this Trump thing wasn’t such a great thing after all!”

Every damn time, man.


And then he goes back.

I remember with the recent Syria bombing stuff, Jones went on this rant pretty much comparing himself to some woman who was “dating” Trump and getting constantly fucked over and treated like shit. “He hasn’t called me in six months” or something like that.

When there is really enough stuff regarding the very near future—AI, gene editing, population control, self-driving vehicles, pandemics, cashless society, Big Brother society via Facebook & etc.—that he should be focusing on more.

I mean, he was reporting on the bisphenol a stuff way before the mainstream was…but he had to add the “gay frogs” to it! He had this really compelling story regarding the possible side-effects of this chemical, and then asked himself: “what else does this story need?”


“I know! Gay frogs!”

And the peeps who made bisphenol a were probably thrilled with Jones adding a gay panic angle to the story and making “gay frogs” a catchphrase because now the entire story was, in effect, “discredited.”

The story wasn’t that there was anything wrong with being “gay” or gender-variant…it was that this chemical seemed to mess with hormones.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is…if Jones did more stories like the one on bisphenol a, but sans “gay frogs,” his site could go back to being more of a viable alternative resource for a broader base of free-thinking people. And he should be strategizing for the future in this manner, because the pendulum is going to inevitably swing in the other direction yet again & he doesn’t want to wake up one morning and find that his site is tied to a bloated, rotting, irrelevant mess that never truly gave a shit about him anyhow.

But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

The AJ/Trump theme song:






what a hypocrite asshole might write

I love how former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman decided to throw the entire kink community under the bus:

“It was just consensual role-playing.”

“No, asshole, you were accused of beating the shit out of women.”

“It was just consensual ‘play’ that adults do.”

“No, asshole, you were accused of beating the shit out of women.”

“Have you ever heard of 50 Shades Of–”





I think that’s it for now—enjoy your Thursday.