5.14.18: Prophecy Girl


Re-read my post on Earth Changes from April 10th.


In 2005-2006, I wrote down a bunch of material in a manner that could be considered channeling. It was the first time I had ever done so, and I would not do so again until late 2012. I had just come off of being really ill, and was on a special diet that contained no sugar, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, or other substances; maybe those circumstances contributed to my ability to channel like this.

True to my personal archetype/cliché, I initially posted some of this material on a conspiracy message board as a means to discuss what was happening with other people. And as if this writing, those posts are all still there; which is pretty impressive/terrifying.

Looking back on this material, I realize it was not referring to things that were going to immediately happen then; but things that are going to happen now, that are happening now, and are going to happen within the next 5-10 years.

In addition, I have to accept that the 600-page novel I worked on during the same time-period was also at least partially the result of channeling, and contained prophetic (albeit often very metaphorical) info on the way my life would go for the next 13 years and most likely beyond. One of the biggest prophetic “hits” in that book was the name of my future husband, which was the name of the protagonist’s husband.

But it also predicted a freak accident that almost killed me one year after the novel was finished. In fact, it “replayed” various scenarios featuring a pretty close metaphor for this accident multiple times in the novel, as if trying to drive the point home to me.

And it also predicted a head injury I would suffer nine years after finishing the novel—even indicating where exactly on my head I would have this injury.

It predicted people I would meetjobs I would have. The exact name of one of these jobs was “embedded” within the name of the job in the novel; and very similar (albeit metaphorical) circumstances linking them.

But this novel, I’ve come to realize, had an even deeper metaphorical meaning regarding the exact time period we are currently living in. I think I was seeing everything through this “mirror darkly,” with no solid conscious reference of how the world would be in a decade or more.


This is all not to say that this was an especially good novel. It was a trashy fan-fictiony “urban horror” novel. It had almost been bought by a publisher of erotic novels, who had recommended I add approximately “9,000 words of fucking.”

But what I have had to accept about this work and probably 75% of everything I’ve ever written is: it was channelling. It was shamanic material dressed up in kitsch, because that was the only language I was able to traffic in at that time.

Like, a person raised in a setting where there is a set of collectively-recognized religious/metaphorical/shamanic symbols will spin a vision quest and a set of Revelations and “holy writ” based off of those symbols.

But all I had was vampires, superheroes, ninjas, and crap like that.








Have a great start to your week, everyone!