5.22.18: Redo, Redo, Redo

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And so I dreamt last night I was visiting a place, and I ran into Donald Trump. And I woke up, and I had an appointment that I was really sure was somewhere in Times Square. But it was not in Times Square; when I looked at the piece of paper very carefully, at the very last minute before I got on the train, I realized that it was in Trump Tower instead.

And so: “psychic” hit for me! Or: I just don’t pay attention the first time.

Now, as I waited for my appointment, in a public seating area in downtown NYC, I realized: the last time I was here, was exactly one year ago. It was when I wrote the post: “In The Eye Oculus.”

Fate had brought me back here, at this exact spot, one year later. I couldn’t help but do an impromptu reevaluation of the past year, right there. How could I not?

The burial place of Alexander Hamilton, aged 47

And then I thought: isn’t it weird that in such a historical area—there was a federal building one block away with a big George Washington statue, and Alexander Hamilton was buried just a block-and-change after that—Trump’s building was in the mix? He sort of has become de facto “included” in all that; retroactively-speaking.

So after my appointment, I decide to revisit all the places in my “In The Eye Oculus” post. Because I’m “OCD” like that. And the building Oculus itself was just as “resonant” and weird as I remembered it. Not “resonant” necessarily in a bad way, but definitely a little… “echo-ey.” I take lots of photos. Oculus definitely fascinates me.

Oculus with One World Trade Center behind it.

I visit both 9/11 memorial pools and take snapshots of the One World Trade Center. I take pics of the Millenium Hilton hotel—rumored by some to have taken its inspiration from the 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith.

The Millenium Hilton Hotel

Right across the street from it, of course, is that venerable old discount department store: “Century 21.”

The Millenium Hilton Hotel and Century 21

Because “Century 21” would of course be across the street from the “Millennium” hotel. And the “Millennium” hotel of course might have taken its inspiration from “2001.”

All across the street from One World Trade Center.


What am I doing, really? I originally had something more elaborate to write, but I lost the thread. Am I going to be here at this spot a year from now, still taking snapshots on my phone, still trying to figure things out?

I feel like I need to take time out from all of this to just do some reading & study on my own, without the need to come to any conclusions. I’ve actually been amassing a small library of books to do exactly this. So I should probably do it. I have a lot of things to take care of, too, just in general.

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