5.26.18: Proper Context, Proper Timing


I think you have to be ready to understand certain concepts, and I also think these concepts need to be presented to you within a context you can relate to.

For example, recently I came across a book explaining the basic concepts of tantra as they related to the 1997 sci-fi/horror movie Event Horizon.

Sam Neill in “Event Horizon”

Now, I recently got rid of several books on tantra that I had for a long time and never read. I would open those books and my mind and eyes would glaze over. I was not ready to encounter these concepts…but they were also probably not being presented in a context I could easily grasp.

Many times when I see the topic of tantra online, it’s presented in a way I’m just not interested in. Not a criticism of those who are into all that; I’m just not “wired” for that stuff. I run into that stuff and I’m just like:


But tantra via an extended reference to a mid-Nineties genre flick starring Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill and The Matrix’s Laurence Fishburne with a solid 24% on Rotten Tomatoes? Suddenly, it all clicks!

So to me, that was really interesting.

I had to have:

a) Proper Context

b) Proper Timing

Also in the timing department, I had just read the essay “Symbolism of the ‘Centre'” from Mircea Eliade’s Images and Symbols: Studies in Religious Symbolism. But that’s probably TMI.


Per Eliade’s book and the “Dayman” clip I had in my last entry:

“By the simple fact that, at the heart of his being, he rediscovers the cosmic rhythms—the alternations of day and night, for instance, or of winter and summer—he comes to a more complete knowledge of his own destiny and significance.”


Notably, I read the Eliade essay immediately after posting the Dayman clip, purely by happenstance. There is a certain “flow” here in terms of being “ready” for the material, which I’ve discussed earlier. This, to me, is the most excellent way to research and learn stuff.