BL’s Journal, 5/31/18


Here is a gif of Tim Curry saying “gladly” over and over again:



A while ago, I wrote a post on how racism and other -isms & -phobias ended up killing the “conspiracy pop-culture”—as typified by The X-Files—that had flourished in the 1990sa culture popularized in the Seventies and Eighties by authors such as Robert Anton Wilson and his madcap  Illuminatus! trilogy.

Well, Roseanne Barr just went and took whatever little bit of that culture was left and set it on fire, and then poured fire on the fire, and then set that all on further fire.


I was literally waiting for Roseanne to eventually tweet something so insane that it would kill her show and put her entire cast and crew out of work. From the moment that show was announced—it was like a ticking countdown clock. And she really just picked…the most awful possible thing in the world, the dumbest thing, the most pointless stupid crappy hurtful thing.

And she’s our apparent representative of that culture, now—the poster-child. Awesome. Wow. We’ve really come a long way since Bob Wilson, haven’t we?


It feels impossible to have any of that type of Wilson-esque irony and inquiry in this current environment, when the loudest voices are often the most intolerant. Maybe it’s not impossible but only currently feels that way. But it certainly currently feels that way.

I’ve always tried to apply a multi-layered viewpoint on this material—looking at the literal, the metaphorical, the urban legend/folkloric aspects and so on.

But who wants to read all that boring stuff when you can just live in a LARP?



But on the “plus” side…

There might be an “Aunt Jackie” series. 



When my family used to watch Roseanne together—you know, the original show—they would always tell me that I was going to grow up to be Aunt Jackie. Certainly, there were a lot of assumptions packed into that prediction (me being somewhat of a amicable goofball chief among them), but I think they were more or less on the money.

I mean…it could have been worse. Obviously.


Hey, I just lived out this gif like a day ago! Less than a day!


Oh my God…this gif is like my *spirit animal*!!!


Look folks, if you are anxious about the way the world is going, there are 2 proactive things you can do right off the bat that will help you out:

  1. Get familiar with the current state of technological and scientific advancements and development. These things will impact your job prospects and everyday living in the nearish future. These things will impact your life more directly than any number of conspiracy boogeymen floated your way. Trust me.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, get familiar with the basic principles of nutrition & wellness. Many things you can implement now for little-to-no extra cost (like learning to cook healthy foods & taking regular long walks), that will pay big dividends to you in the future and lower the amount of $ you need for medical insurance & procedures.

These two things, if pursued, will immediately put you in better shape for the future and give you an advantage over your other Earth-mates.




Anyway. Enjoy the rest of your week!