6.18.18: The Flash Gordon Dream


Some weird energy out there at present, folks. But it goes without saying, right?


I had this dream last night that I was talking to this guy, he had red hair. Like blond/ginger but definitely red aspects to it. And he really messed up, and he was going to (or was already in) **jail**.

And I was sort of giving him words of encouragement and strategy. He had like his girlfriend or his mom or his wife or his girlfriend/mom/wife conglomeration standing to the side—seemed like a nice lady—and I was just trying to give him words of good cheer.

And then finally—in the dream—I handed him a rubber band. And then I wondered: “do they allow rubber bands in jail?” So then I cut the rubber band so it was still like a rubber band but it was no longer a loop—it was just, rather, one long rubber “strip.”

I thought: “well, now it’s not technically a rubber band.”

And that was the good deed I did, while I was sleeping. I’m pretty amazing.

He also sort of looked like Sam Jones from the old Flash Gordon movie—so I helped Flash Gordon out! I really *am* amazing!


There’s just a weird energy out there and I don’t necessarily want to “marinate” on it. I can’t begin to talk about Bourdain and a lot of that stuff. I just can’t do it.

It’s the type of energy in which I really do believe what you think about, creates your reality. What you put out is what you get back; in the most “even” exchange possible. Some people call this the “Shift,” other names…I don’t want to even marinate on that too much. I don’t want to focus on the details of it all.

This feels like a very “flow” time. There is an astrologer I follow every day on YouTube, and she just gives the “energy” of each day. And she’s been really accurate, and it’s been very interesting to me.

In general, this seems like a very “heightened energy” type of time; and I think trying to slow down and introspectively hash out all the details is not beneficial. I think I just gotta move forward, get things done, be active, etc.

And so I’ve just not been…inclined to write many posts analyzing all this lately.