8.28.18: My Name Is Nobody


“It is a tendency for patterns either to repeat themselves locally or for their parts to separate out to join singly or severally with other patterns to form new constellations.”
–Buckminster Fuller

“Know Your Limit”
–incidental words on some piece of advertising

On this day in 1859, the Carrington Event, one of the biggest geomagnetic solar storms on record, hit the Earth. Though by then humanity had such inventions as telegraphs (some of which malfunctioned, sparked, and even caught on fire during the event), there was nowhere near the amount of heavy dependence on technology as there is at present.


A Carrington-level event now would likely knock out our GPS, knock out at least some of our major power grids…for weeks, months and maybe even years. Consider your current domicile and neighborhood and do some quick math regarding the rate at which you and/or your compatriots might go legit insane without the Internet for an extended period of time.

Then again; you might all be healthier for it.



I consider myself quite inured to the sorts of publicity stunt-type ramblings that crop up whenever a celebrity/studio wants to promote a film. But I so desperately wanted this story about how Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might have accidentally gotten married on the set of the 1992 movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula to be true! Probably in no small part in that while I really have liked Johnny Depp as an actor, he seemed like a shit person to be dating.


But also…are there two more iconic Nineties actors as Reeves and Ryder? And Reeves is so NICE! I visit the Keanu Reeves Being Nice subreddit almost every single day. (I mean: he is our de facto Horus-resonating gentle androgynous pop-messiah of the new Aeon)


And they’ve starred in THREE movies together; sort of spanning their careers. In addition to Dracula, they were in 2006’s A Scanner Darkly and now this new rom-com Destination Wedding. And even though Ryder just sounds the slightest bit of a fruitbat talking about how they might have been secretly married this entire time (26 years!) by a real Romanian priest on the set of Dracula…I love how Reeves is just so nice he just listens to this entire spiel and goes… “well…I guess we’re married now.”


I’m just trying to say: not all esoteric Hollywood rumors have to be apocalyptic nightmares. I’m sticking to this one.

I mean, I was about to also say that Ryder dodged a bullet by breaking up with Depp—but Hollywood legend is that she didn’t dodge a bullet with him, but rather he was fooling around with a gun and accidentally shot her in the side and then the whole thing was covered up and she has a scar from it to this very day (plus treatment for PTSD).


But see: that’s probably just another apocalyptic Hollywood legend.


Can pot create mind-altering breast milk?


Today is the birthday of comic book artist Jack Kirby (co-creator of Captain America, The Fantastic Four, and a lot of other big-name characters) who would have 101 years old today. Now, you look at Kirby’s stuff—especially from his later period—and you might say to yourself: that guy was on a LOT of LSD!


But there are some people who generate their own internal LSD, and I believe Jack Kirby was one of those people.


Probably the most in-depth look at Kirby’s work as a possible “channel” of otherworldly concepts/intelligences is on the Secret Sun blog, though Jeffrey J. Kripal’s book Mutants and Mystics is a pretty good intro to him & just the general intersection between esotericism and comic books.

oh no…
oh no…

He also wrote and illustrated the 1970s comics based on 2001: A Space Odyssey, which sort of goes off on their own direction from the Kubrick movie but are still cool.


A few thoughts on the video game tournament shooting in Florida:

From 2012-2013 I used to track these mass shootings, correlate the pop-culture that seemed to resonate with them at the time, and write posts about it. It started with the James Holmes “Joker” massacre in Aurora (which I would eventually write a comic about), dove into the Sandy Hook event (occurring not that long before the so-called Mayan Apocalypse date), and continued through the Boston Bombing (not a mass shooting: but young Dzhokhar Tsarnaev shared a number of similarities and pop-culture touchstones with the other shooters).

And while I wouldn’t state here that the pop-culture/media of the time “predicted,” “programmed,” or otherwise had any direct correlation with the actions of these men—it was very clear to me that said pop-culture/media often directly preceded or coincided with these events. Take that as you will.

About two years ago I was working for some weird progressive think-tank/pseudo-charity and somebody from the Clinton people came to visit us. He asked us: what was the biggest social issue that we thought needed to be addressed for the near future?

And when it was my turn I said: I thought the same way we had special groups and initiatives to help young women go into tech fields and so on, we needed an initiative to just reach young men in general and sort of give them support and direction and a “meaning” to life. You know, to explore everything from what their personal issues were, to their self-definition (positive strong masculine role-models, etc.), to giving them something to be excited about beyond just internet/gaming stuff. To really make an effort along these lines. I said that we needed to be really serious about this, because if we didn’t do this, we were going to lose more and more young men to extremists and etc.—and that in 20 years when they start entering their 30s and 40s, we were going to have a HUGE problem on our hands.

And that person didn’t take me seriously, because he thought today’s young men were overly-privileged and, if anything, should have even LESS attention paid to them.

And why should he have listened to me, anyway? Who the fuck was I?

I was Nobody.


“Let’s rescue the orphan gears!!!”