9.2.18 B: Possibly A Real Human


Hello folks,

I have a 3-day weekend here to just sort things, take care of correspondence and so on…

I’m gonna try to…put up a lot of old posts I had held back in drafts. And put up links to all the books I’ve written so far. Maybe all the comics I’ve written so far per copyright restrictions.

I’ve just been through the ringer with a lot of personal stuff; the type of stuff that everybody, to some degree, is probably facing right now to one degree or another.

But I’m going to give the effort because I know you—you who keeps coming back here—love me (more rather: like me, like some of my writing), and want me to do this.

I’m going to post an actual real photo of myself which I’ve been told is **inadvisable** because it’s like myself without a filter and I have a few grey hairs and this is really not per **proper branding**.


But I want you to know: I am a **real human**. That’s pretty much it.

So my dumbass self is trying to get all my books up on a sidebar on this site with html I haven’t used in a while…but it will all happen **soon**, and it will be **glorious**–