9.11.18: Ratchett And The Angel Worm


“In a sense, the future is hieroglyphic.”
–Terence McKenna


Well folks, this one isn’t going to be too long…

I had an initial plan to make all the posts I had pulled back into drafts—over 300 of them—live on the site once again. But apparently every time I put a push a post back live, it shows up on the feed. As I don’t want to inundate those of you who are following this site on WordPress or other-type feed reader with 300+ updates in one day, I’m instead going to roll them out far more slowly.

Will probably bundle some of the old journal entries into their own series, as I’ve now definitely comprehended a pattern—a narrative, if you will—spanning the last couple of years. And of course we could, just for convenience, start that narrative somewhere when the ’16 presidential race first started…but I think it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Not a fan of DJT, but it’s clear to me that some sort of “coup” is happening. Had a sudden thought the other day that compared it all to the movie/book Murder On The Orient Express. Just saw last year’s remake the other day, the Branagh one, and it’s simply gorgeous. Catch the 1973 version too if you have the chance.

Johnny Depp as gangster-businessman Edward Ratchett

But basically, in the new movie: Johnny Depp is playing Donald Trump. Watch it, and you will know exactly what I mean. Of course, Depp flat-out portrayed Trump in the 2016 Funny Or Die mini-movie Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie.

Depp as Donald Trump

Anyway: spoilers for Murder On The Orient Express


Who kills the character played by Depp, the nasty Edward Ratchett?

EVERYBODY. Ratchett pissed EVERYONE off. They all kill him, taking turns stabbing him to death. And after Hercule Poirot figures this out, they manage to convince him to keep it a secret; because…Ratchett was a bad egg. They weren’t really doing a murder, they rationalize…they were doing a service.

And that’s the story of Murder On The Orient Express. Which is just a movie.


Of course, Depp ain’t doing that hot either.


I usually have a bit more to say about the anniversary of 9/11, but I’m sort of tapped out. Had sort of a botched fire drill last week that left me somewhat shaken, and it immediately reminded me that 9/11 has never left me. There’s a particular well of anxiety, among the many such wells in my mind, exclusively reserved for 9/11.

You could easily say that the event that “changed everything” moving forward wasn’t Y2K, wasn’t the 1999 “doomsday” date, but it was specifically 9/11. And there’s a lot more you can say about that.

In his 9/11 NYT op-ed today, Joe Scarborough basically called Trump a “human 9/11.”  And I’ve been saying for a long, long time that Trump was being “contextualized” in the media as essentially a “human 9/11″…the equivalent of the giant squid from the Watchmen graphic novel.

So Bob Woodward’s book on DJT comes out when? 9/11. And the name of Michael Moore’s movie on DJT is called what? “11/9.”

Not defending DJT. Not saying he hasn’t screwed up. I’m just saying: as a person who has watched closely the media and pop-culture and has been involved with both…there’s a narrative going on here.

But it’s all narrative. These are stories. This is how we contextualize the world, and our own lives. Stories.


Wanted to mention a really cool Terence McKenna lecture I started to listen to last night:

So in the lecture, he tells this story about…I don’t know if it’s about somebody he knew, or somebody he heard about, or a story he read, or what. But the basic gist was:

This guy is digging through the dirt looking for an angle worm. And instead, he finds this worm with beautiful gossamer wings, and it flies away. And this guy’s never seen something like that in his life, and thinks he must be hallucinating things…a worm with wings!

An “angel worm,” he calls it.

And then suddenly he realizes: there was a typographical error made in Reality, in which the “e” slipped and changed the angle worm to an angel worm.