9.12.18: Our Blessed Lady Of The Flatwoods Monster


“Only in one field has the omnipotence of thought been retained in our own civilization, namely in art. In art alone it still happens that man, consumed by his wishes, produces something similar to the gratification of these wishes and this playing, thanks to artistic illusion, calls forth affects as if it were something real. We rightly think of the magic of art and compare the artist with a magician. But this comparison is perhaps more important than it claims to be. Art, which certainly did not begin as art for art’s sake, originally served tendencies which to-day have for the greater part ceased to exist. Among these we may suspect various magic intentions.”
—Sigmund Freud, “Totem and Taboo”


On September 12, 1952 a 10-foot apparition was sighted at the top of a hill by seven citizens of the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia. The figure, described as a “man-like figure with a round, red face surrounded by a pointed, hood-like shape” reportedly hissed at the group; they also recalled smelling a pungent odor that made them nauseous.

Preceding this figure was, of course, the sighting of a bright unexplained flying object.

1952 was a watershed year for UFO sightings. In April of that year a key LIFE Magazine article claimed “There Is A Case For Interplanetary Saucers”…famously, the caption read on a cover graced by the curvy form of Marilyn Monroe.


There was/is something…”elemental” about that cover, the pairing of such a primal image of femininity with this bizarre proclamation about unexplained aerial round phenomena.

Now, if we look at the artist renderings of the Flatwoods Monster, what we notice is that while it was initially described as “man-like figure”…




It kinda looks like a chick.

When you think about the feminine “geometry” of the flying saucer, bringing to mind a breast and/or a mandala…and then you consider what UFO researcher Jacques Vallee called the rash of “B.V.M.” (Blessed Virgin Mary) sightings, the most famous being the Fatima apparition of 1917…and how the thing around the Flatlands Monster’s head looks like a Marian hood and/or halo…


That was just a…stream-of-consciousness type riff. Not sure where I was going with that.



What’s cool is that yesterday I logged into an internet application from scratch and they gave me this randomly-generated “placeholder” name in the login:


Of course, we share the same birthday. And, I suppose, interests.



This article explores Mark Zuckerberg’s obsession with Ancient Rome and Augustus Caesar:

“You have all these good and bad and complex figures,” Zuckerberg said during an interview with The New Yorker. “I think Augustus is one of the most fascinating. Basically, through a really harsh approach, he established two hundred years of world peace.

Like Zuckerberg, Augustus assumed power of his empire at a young age. To attain world peace, Augustus had to make choices “that didn’t come for free, and he had to do certain things,” Zuckerberg added. But in the end, the Facebook executive believes the emperor was able to achieve a significant period of peace, something that “feels unattainable.”

Wait a sec…just want to dig something out…one moment…


Time is a flat circle; have a good Wednesday.