9.22.18: The Archetype The Actor Plays


“Civilization is unfolding according to a predetermined plan, and not by accident and fortuitous circumstance.”
–Manly P. Hall, “Orders Of The Quest—The Holy Grail”


Today is the Autumnal Equinox, with (in theory) both the Northern and Southern hemispheres experiencing equal amounts of daylight. In Pagan circles, it is the holiday of Mabon (technically starting yesterday)—a Wiccan “Thanksgiving,” of sorts (there is little evidence that Mabon started any earlier than the 1970s; but it was the focal point of a trashy teen witch book series I read in like the 1990s, so I’ve always remembered it).

There are two points to take away from the Autumnal Equinox/Mabon:

  1. “Perfect” balance between binary opposites: light and dark, feminine and masculine, and so on.
  2. It is the “second” harvest of the season, with the Sun God (or Persephone, either/or) slowly making a descent into darkness/the underworld.

Fall is my favorite season; it has a very unique crispness in the air that I refer to as “Witchy Weather.” All going back, of course, to that trashy teen witch book series I read in like the 1990s.



Speaking of witches, one of Beyoncé’s former drummers has tried to get a restraining order against the singer for “magic spells of sexual molestation”—as well as killing her kitten.

Kimberly Thompson, who also played with The 8G Band on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” did not receive said requested restraining order—but to all the people who believe that Beyoncé is an Illuminati high-priestess of Baphomet, it was a a banner day nonetheless.

it’s uncanny

This Daily Beast (the “Beast!”) article discusses how Bey did sort of play up the occult symbolism stuff just a tad in her music videos and performances, sort of feeding into the conspiracy theory (which apparently includes an alleged satanic message if you play “All The Single Ladies” backwards)…which of course goes back to the whole idea of “I made a joke religion and then it sort of came true and then my ex-drummer tried to get a restraining order against me for magic spells of sexual molestation.”



Following up on the mysterious closure of a New Mexico solar observatory I told you about earlier, the official story is now that it happened because of a child porn investigation involving their janitornot aliens.


No but seriously…you can’t 100% dismiss that explanation. It could explain the closing of the post office…though maybe not the Blackhawk helicopters.


tastefully censored

It was a week that saw talk about the penises of two pop-cultural figures of note: first Donald Trump, whose organ Stormy Daniels compared to a Super Mario mushroom, and then Batman…who has apparently appeared in a full-frontal nude shot for the first time (outside of that video they played at my bridal shower way back when but I think that was unauthorized).

When this much outright talk about the phalli of public figures takes place—well, it makes me question the deeper metaphysical meaning of it all.


I’m still questioning it!


Just a thought–

There are three of me: what you perceive me to be, what I perceive me to be, and who I actually am.

That third category is unreachable except as possibly an eternal archetypal form. The first two constantly fluctuate due to time, circumstance, my current state, your current state, and what preconceptions and schema we both bring to the table.

We see the actor on the screen, of course we don’t really know them. We read a “candid” interview with them in Vanity Fair or whatnot—we still don’t really know them. We read their “candid,” off-the-cuff tweets…we still don’t really know them.

In fact, the archetype the actor plays might be the truest thing about them that we could possibly know.


“The Ball Thing”: