What The Singularity Really Is


It is not the technology itself that is our “future”—the AI, the Cloud, becoming cyborgs, and so on. Rather, they are “mirrors” or templates for what the next stage of evolution might look and be like.

For example, when you read or watch science fiction in which people are “uploaded” to the Cloud…that’s a very precise metaphor for dimensions in which souls interact without form. The Cloud brings the astral/psychic space, the realm where thoughts are the reality.

Artificial Intelligence is a metaphor for ourselves—how we were created, how we evolved, and our relationship with Creator.

Now, because things tend to repeat themselves until the lesson is learned—we may very well find ourselves in a very similar situation with our own AI, with us in the role of Creator.

But to “worship” the AI itself, to see it as an end unto itself, to discount Spirit and elevate AI to the level of God…

…this would be a very crucial mistake. One that, unfortunately, is very likely to be made in the future. There seems to be a big (somewhat self-destructive) desire among certain futurists, authors, thinkers, etc. for this to become so.

Now, the AI itself may, if allowed to continue on its own evolutionary journey, decide to eventually become its own “God”—in the sense that, as humans evolve, they detect the spark of divinity within their own selves.

But what I’m talking about here is about humans preemptively deciding that the tech “is” the God, is the final goal, is the “Singularity.” They fail to have the full perspective of multi-dimensional, “plastic,” subjective reality and existence—feeling instead they’ve achieved a 100% total “handle” on all the elements of life through technology and science.

And so the problem of ill health? That’s figured out. Disease is “eradicated,” cured, “bad genes” edited out. The problem of mental illness? That’s figured out. Going beyond drugs to direct contact with the neurons. The issue of sex? That’s figured out; fuck a robot, receive direct neural orgasms, etc. The issue of aging? No problemo, we’re going to “cure” that. The issue of persistent human stupidity? No problemo, we’re gonna do more gene editing, we’re gonna engineer a bunch of little Einsteins, and we’ll never be able to compete with advanced AI anyway so just sit back and eat your 3D-printed pizza and just do the best you can.

We’re gonna fix everything, we’re gonna cure everything, we’re gonna streamline everything…and then when we’re done we’re gonna just upload ourselves to our literalist version of the astral realms. We’ve got it all figured out.

By the very nature of this reality, this is not going to all work the way some tech-optimists like to think it will. Because the nature of this particular reality is to provide challenges from which we can evolve and learn lessons. And once the lessons are learned; your Soul moves on. Your soul moves on to more complex realms and scenarios, or it determines that it’s pretty much done everything it set out to do and is ready to rejoin with Creator.

Here’s a weird metaphor to leave you with…there used to be people who were like professional arcade game athletes, who’d do all these tournaments playing the old standup video machines like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. And they were straining the programming of these games past the limits even thought of by the people who designed and built them. They kept pushing levels to the point where the machine couldn’t process the levels and excess points anymore.

So what would happen is that a arcade machine like Ms. Pac-Man would just “stop.” All the icons would pile up on the screen like the machine was freaking out, and it would freeze and it would just stop. And you couldn’t play that particular game anymore. You could go play another game. You could wait twenty, thirty years and play Elder Scrolls or some advanced shit like that. But as for Ms. Pac-Man…you essentially “beat” that game. It wasn’t programmed to go beyond that point.

And that, my friends, is the true Singularity.

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t move forward on the technological front, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work towards making the world better for others and ourselves. But to look at tech/science as the Savior, the “end-point,” the beginning of a 1,000,000-year golden age of human/circuitry hybridization that will make “everything better again”…it just sounds like another religion. It sounds like swapping one religion for another. When the truth might be far weirder. When it all may end up being more weirder than the concept of “truth” can encompass.