9.26.18: Nature Is Vast And You Are Very Tiny


“If you repress something, nature is going to take revenge on you. And remember, you cannot fight with nature. You can will nature, not by fighting with it but by being with it. You can persuade nature to be with you and help you. And nature is very compassionate. But once you start fighting, you are bound to lose. Nature is vast and you are very tiny. It is like a wave fighting with the ocean, a small leaf fighting with the whole tree—it is stupid! The wave can win, but not against the ocean—with the ocean.”
— Osho

This is sort of a short post, just to give an update:

If it seems as if I’m sort of pushing through a lot of content…

I’m indeed pushing through a lot of content.

I am massively updating/remixing stuff, and trying to “front-load” this site with substantial (relatively-speaking) material.

It’s just that “time is of the essence,” and I need to move (more about that later). You are not expected/required to read all of it, or read it all quickly because a lot of it is quite dense.

We face a lot ahead of us that will necessitate NEW POSTS from me (for sure by 2019 leading into 2020). And yet I feel that what I’ve written before is like a backdrop or a foundation to all that. And hence part of my driving desire to push content live right now.

That said, I’m also in the process of actually moving my residence, and so posting for the next couple weeks may or may not be sketchy in frequency.

It’s all rather up-in-the-air, and I’m the type of person who likes things the way they always were with no changes. I’m the type of person where if my beloved mechanical pencils aren’t available to write with, and all I have is a pen—I’ll just crawl up and die.


Like, if I have a flight and then something gets re-routed or I have to take a different connection…it’s like my brother died. I can’t deal. Or rather: outwardly, I deal. Inwardly, I die. It’s always been this way; and outside of occasional intoxication it will probably always be this way. I’ve tried every therapy and modality. Change still scares the shit out of me.

But as Heraclitus says: “Everything flows and nothing stays.”

Heraclitus was a crank.


And now, for Weezer: