10.1.18 B: The PKD Stash


“Reality, by itself, becomes a story by Philip K. Dick.”
–Philip K. Dick

Just as an addendum to a day that had some twists and turns…

Walking home from the bar, found a MASSIVE box of books by Philip K. Dick and other writers, mostly on the nature of reality. A bunch of newish hardcover books from the last several years, too. One was an out-of-print book on esoteric theories that goes for a LOT of money now.


My immediate impression: the Universe telling me “just shut up, read these books, shut up, relax, read these books, stop bitching, and calm down and shut up.”

One book in particular, PKD’s Ubik, I had given away unread because I thought I was about to move…found the exact same edition just now.

I feel like I’m “meant” to read these books as research for this site.

So here we are, an example of me consciously using a coincidence to find some positive meaning in my life.

So be it. Whatever gets me through. There’s some greater logic to it, and largely that greater logic just wants me to shut up momentarily, read these things, and then write about it; I’m pretty sure by now.