10.7.18: Young Chameleon, And Now I See


“…Young chameleon, I used to
Ask how on Earth one got sufficiently
Imbued with otherness. And now I see.”
–James Merrill, “The Book Of Ephraim”


The way that I see it, society got so hung up on the idea of evolution per Darwin—*physical* evolution—that the idea of the evolution of the spiritual kind of got lost.

And so here we are, humanity at war—people unable to see eye-to-eye, unable to communicate, wanting and valuing completely different things. Why are we so “divided”? Is it completely the media’s fault? Politicians? Some sort of larger Conspiracy?


I would submit to you: part of it is about being at different levels of evolution, and it can only be changed so much.

The human is a mix of animal-body and Spirit. The human itself is already “at war” internally. As above so below; the human as microcosm of the society.


The animal-body has a consciousness, has goals…these are *deeply* based in the furtherance of one’s DNA. And so: deeply survival- and procreation-based.

The Spirit sees the bigger picture, is eternal, exists on a plane beyond opposites. The Spirit can feel the sublime empathy for another, even if it flies in the face of DNA-furtherance goals; this is in complete contradiction to what the animal-body desires. And so this continual struggle internally, between Body and Spirit, this balancing act. And for some people, it leans more one way or the other; and for many people, I daresay most people, it constantly fluctuates in a gray area.


But animal-body can’t deal with Gray Area. It needs clearly-delineated binary opposites: friend or enemy, safe/danger, good/bad. This is a carryover from the primal days of the animal body, even before our species; quick decisions had to be made, in the wild, in order to survive.

The ability/inability to parse the “in between” between extreme opposites…this is an evolutionary factor that varies within our society.

To parse the “in between” takes critical thinking. Critical thinking—another evolutionary trait.


The tendency now is to break into two highly diametrically-opposed “camps” of ideological/political thought. It is a “war.” Nobody, the reasoning goes, can take the luxury of critical thinking in a war. Everything has to be friend/enemy, safe/danger, good/bad.

And so now we are back at animal-body goals; even if we considered ourselves Evolved and didn’t mean to.


Is this really footage of Jim Carrey attending a Terence McKenna lecture?!


Is Elon Musk **really** an alien???

(I’m not sure.)


Have a good Sunday.