10.15.18: “From Hell” OR “I Married Nietzsche”


“The larval has no interest in you.”
–Timothy Leary


Postmarked October 15th, 1888 was the infamous “From Hell” letter—written by a person claiming to be Jack the Ripper. While the authorities received a huge and unwieldy amount of letters from people confessing to being the prolific murderer, the “From Hell” letter is considered to have a better chance at being authentic than most; this is because half a human kidney accompanied it, which obviously took a lot of effort.

the actual “From Hell” letter

It was called the “From Hell” letter because that was the return address indicated by the writer.

Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell would later name their graphic novel about the Ripper after this letter, which would then go on to become a motion picture.


And thus one random, unverified act—done in a fit of passion or simply for the lulz—travels through the decades and centuries only to end up as a passing thought on our Netflix queue.



Today is also the birthdate of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Among concepts Nietzsche introduced and/or elaborated on were:

  • Apollonian and Dionysian: Apollo (harmony, progress, clarity) vs. Dionysus (disorder, emotion, ecstasy).
  • Will to Power: that a primal inexorable will to achieve and surpass is what drives all life, and even inorganic matter.
  • Eternal Return: that the universe recurs or “replays” itself in a similar manner through all infinite time and space.
  • God is Dead: the idea that the Enlightenment “killed” the idea of God or “gods” that had led humanity up to that point.
  • Übermensch: following the “death” of God is the rise of of the “overman” or “superman” which is the next step in evolution.

On January 3, 1889 Nietzsche had a massive nervous breakdown after allegedly watching the flogging of a horse and literally collapsing in a manic burst of empathy for the suffering creature.

He never quite recovered. Then a bunch of assholes (including his own sister) appropriated his works to justify a lot of assholery and he never quite recovered from that either.




Here are my feelings on life-coaching, after studying the topic for quite some time:

We need, in many cases, a more “practical” form of Life-Coaching. You can’t encourage someone to follow their “dreams” when they can barely function or take care of themselves. You can’t put a band-aid on a gunshot wound. You can’t immediately construct a vision-board on the heels of extreme trauma.

And you don’t give tools that I consider (in the esoteric sense) to be “heavy machinery” willy-nilly to everyone and say: “MANIFEST!!!!!!”


There was a concept a boss taught me once in comic book editing called “triage”—where you tackle the most glaring immediate tasks first. Of course, that’s a term that originated with emergency medical situations. The point is: there may have to be very basic coping skills introduced/reenforced before Manifestation Rituals can take place. There might have to be trauma/damage that needs to be addressed.

There might have to be a lot of wreckage and bramble that needs to be cleared first before one’s Life Purpose is fully divined (or even approachable).




And now for the Pet Shop Boys.

Have a good Monday.