10.16.18: The Medium And Her Message


“‘Mind’ is a tool invented by the Universe to see itself; but it can never see all of itself, for much the same reason that you can’t see your own back (without mirrors).”
–Robert Anton Wilson


I guess I am actually pretty “mediumistic”—but that is a highly loaded term that needs to be unpacked and analyzed.

A “medium” is a person who can allegedly serve as an intermediary between the Earthly plane and the Astral plane…if you believe in such things. They are the “interface,” the “translator.” A medium is sort of like radio, or perhaps even a router.


If you are an artist, you can work in many different mediums…media. Paint, clay, etc.
There are things I write on this site that…I’m not sure “channeled” is the exact word here. I’m very conscious of what I am writing. But there is like an “energy” around it.

It’s like there are “unfinished” themes that need to be explored further and finished. Or maybe not finished, but followed up on.

You know…there are people who channel shit and they more or less present it as dogma. They present it as dogma because of the assumption that if the information was divined from “the ether”…it must be ***divine***.

But that’s a rather big assumption.


You can go on Google right now and look up a topic and you’re going to get a pretty mixed bag of stuff. It’s not all going to be accurate just because the magical router brought it to your attention from the “ether” (interwebs). And some of the stuff is just plain **rotten**.

Similarly, you can channel some pretty rotten stuff; stuff you don’t want to base a religion on. And yet people base religions on this stuff all the time.

In the 1970s, a bunch of people (a number of whom actually knew each other and/or were quite well known within their particular niche) channeled a bunch of stuff with similar themes. But each person “translated” that stuff through their own personal filter of unique perceptions and personal experiences.


These persons “came up” in a particular generation; largely born in the 1920s and 1930s. They would become the “backbone” of Fifties and Sixties (counter)culture.

And yet, the “meat” of that particular “channeled” material would not arrive until the Seventies; a good deal of it mid-decade.

The mid-70s was when a lot of my own peers were born. I was born on February 23, 1974. Here we have the famed and fabled “23” number, the subject of so much synchronistic lore. February 23 is also the fictional birthdate of X-Files character Agent Dana Scully (born 10 years earlier in 1964), an investigator into the esoteric.


February 23 is also the last day Laura Palmer, of Twin Peaks fame, was alive. Many people draw a line of continuity between Twin Peaks and The X-Files…both shows about FBI agents investigating the paranormal. David Duchovny, the actor who played Agent Fox Mulder, also played transgender female DEA agent Denise Bryson on Twin Peaks.

February 23, 1974 is located right in the middle of science fiction author Philip K. Dick’s “2-3-74 experience,” in which he was allegedly introduced to an entity named “VALIS.” This was between the months of February and March of that year, hence “2-3-74”…again, we have the number “23” jammed in there.


But Dick would only have a handful more years left in his life to explore these “channeled” themes; he died in 1982. By now, in 2018, many of those “contactees” (Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, etc.) have passed on.

One can only imagine their verdict on the strange state of affairs going on in the world at the moment.


I feel that I am very mediumistic, though I might also simply be exhibiting the lingering dissociative effects of earlier trauma. I might also be more likely to be mediumistic **exactly because** I am exhibiting the lingering dissociative effects of earlier trauma. (Of course…there’s quite a lot of literature based on that idea, but that’s a topic for other posts.)



I currently freelance as a comic book editor. I also do some writing, and some uncredited ghost-writing.

In all these endeavors, my job is to listen to the client, review their material, and facilitate the transfer of their ideas into a professional “package” for public consumption.


Some editors feel a sort of residual resentment that they have to work with other people’s ideas, instead of their own. But I don’t really feel that way. I actually enjoy helping other people tell their story. When I used to advertise my freelance editing services, it was this idea I led with: “let me help you tell YOUR story.”


Often on this site, I tell stories. I like to tell real-life stories about people you may never have heard of. I also like to give interesting details regarding people you may indeed have heard of.


I can be, to a degree, quite skeptical. I have to be. Robert Anton Wilson once said there comes a time when you have to choose between being an agnostic and a stone cold paranoid. This whole society we are living in is starting to seem to be reaching this point of decision.

Many, as you may well know, are opting for stone cold paranoid.


Am I truly mediumistic, or merely creative or simply in possession of an overactive imagination? Am I mediumistic, or merely continuing to suffer the side-effects of trauma?

And if truly a medium—what is the nature of these transmissions? Ghosts? “Aliens?” God-like spirits? Inter-dimensional trolls? (And by “trolls” I mean both meanings of the word.)

Or is all merely random pieces snatched from the airwaves? Or is it a type of “psy-op?” Or merely musings from my so-called “Higher Self?” Telepathic ramblings from Destination Unknown?


And does it really matter who or what is exactly behind it all? Well, we can’t just throw critical thinking completely out the window, now.

The worst would be…the very worst…is if it was all a “mix” of the last letter of that multiple choice question: “All Of The Above.”

A patchwork chimera. A unknown known. A never-resolved.

A piece of trivia on someone else’s blog; telling a fragment of my story. “My” story.