10.25.18: What Is The Universe Trying To Tell Us, Here?


“Belief is the death of intelligence.”
–Robert Anton Wilson


Well, folks, it was not planned…but due to current events I felt I had to interrupt my week off and make some commentary.

This whole thing with the Ross doppelgänger robbing a case of beer from that restaurant in Blackpool. I mean…that’s just spooky.

For full context, we must go back in time for the classic 1996 Friends episode “The One With Russ,” in which Rachel started dating Russ—a man disconcertingly similar in appearance to her ex Ross. Russ looked…similar to Ross. But had subtle differences.


These great similarities yet subtle differences deeply creeped me out about Russ. To the point that whenever I even look of a picture of Russ, I shudder as if gazing upon some sort of Lovecraftian demon from the bowels of Hell. Had I encountered the Russ/Ross paradox as a small child, I know I would have studiously avoided watching Friends at all in an attempt to never encounter this creature again.

Flashforward to the present day, in which a man disconcertingly similar in appearance in Friends actor David Schwimmer was caught on remote camera stealing a case of beer. In response, the actual David Schwimmer quickly shot his own spoof footage of him also stealing beer—thus sealing the concept of “Time Is A Flat Circle.”

David Schwimmer (right), completing the “Prophecy”

Could it have been that the whole Russ episode of Friends—in which Schwimmer played both Ross and Russ—was merely a “dry run,” esoterically-speaking, for this eventual moment in time? In fact: was the entire run of Friends merely a dry-run for this eventual moment in time?

What is the Universe trying to tell us, here?


In other news, a whole bunch of apparent bombs were sent to people on the Trump “enemies” list, including two past presidents.


As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, things are getting **really** bananas.

As of this writing, we still don’t know who sent those bombs. Unless you are a certain type of person who immediately and without question believes it was a “false flag”—because the idea that a mentally-ill person who has been hearing dehumanizing rhetoric against a whole group of people for years and years and years might possibly snap is just too fantastic to even consider for just one moment.


Now, have “false flags” of various stripes happened through the course of human history? Yes, absolutely—and there are plenty of legitimate historical accounts of this phenomenon.

Now, have crazy-persons suddenly snapped and decided to maim/kill/obliterate any number of people based on hazy paranoid ideological/political ideas? Yes, absolutely—and there are plenty of legitimate historical accounts of this phenomenon.

There is always the third possibility—that this is all the work of some type of anarchist of no particular political leaning who simply wants to watch the world burn. And there is even a fourth general possibility: that foreign actors could be puling a stunt like this to further destabilize the country.

Given all these possibilities, why is a Democrat False Flag the only possibility considered by a number of people? Especially considered by Conspiracy Theorists, who one would think would have all possibilities considered and be hatching some real next-level 4th-dimensional chess type possible scenarios to ponder?


But the temptation to immediately come to any conclusion, based on a paucity of revealed information, is HUGE. I know personally that every time I try not to come to some sort of conclusion regarding this case, my head literally hurts.

And yet we just don’t know. And more than that: I can’t even trust the “consensus” on social media because I don’t even know how many of these accounts are real, are bots, are doing disinformation, and etc.

Welcome to the world-renowned biggest shitshow of all time; take a ringside seat, take a tub of popcorn, take a container of hand-cream.


I do know one thing, though—this is just one more contributor to the Post-Information Age I’ve been telling you about. Because a LOT Of accounts, websites, YouTube channels, and etc. are going to get shut down because of this shit.

And as if on cue, Apple CEO Tim Cook remarks with alarm on the “data-industrial complex.”


And NO: the Unabomber was NOT a liberal: the Unabomber’s manifesto, which I only read relatively recently, is a Luddite treatise against technology literally sandwiched in-between massive rants against Blacks, gays, and women’s rights.

Which then…makes Shane Black’s hand-job to the Unabomber in Iron Man III (in terms of the visual iconography alone) fucking as suspect as hell. And I LIKE Shane Black.






“Extreme Measures, With Trevor Eve. Friday Night, BBC 1”

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