10.30.18: All’s Wells That Ends Welles


“The alternative to self-love is self-destruction.”
–Alan Watts


This has been another really busy week, and posting will most likely slow down as a result. I’ll be shifting my schedule starting next week, and will have more time to write—but a lot to squeeze in work-wise until then.

So in a way—this is sort of Halloween’s post, today.

The infamous War Of The Worlds broadcast debuted on this day in 1938. I’ve always found the sync in the names of H.G. Wells (author of the original novel), and Orson Welles (from the radio broadcast) pretty interesting. The two did end up at the same public appearance once, and I have to wonder if the sync came up at all; it probably didn’t have to, it was pretty blatant.

Orson Welles and H.G. Wells

For those who are unaware of the lore: here, the story is that Welles’ radio adaptation of the Wells novel was so realistic, many listeners at home really believed the planet was being invaded by aliens. So folks flipped out, formed local militias to drive the extraterrestrial scourge back and etc. That’s the official story, at any rate.

But in reality, the level of mass hysteria might not have been that mass at all. In fact, there’s one theory that the whole thing was exaggerated by the newspapers in order to discredit their nascent radio competitors.

Certainly, American citizens could never be so fooled—their primal fears so easily manipulated—nowadays.



Hot off the heels of an unofficial “Nazi Week” in the United States (hashtag naziweek), our president used the annual White House Halloween ceremony as an occasion to take an actual goddamn serpent staff from a child dressed like an Ancient Egyptian, shake it in the direction of the reporters covering the event, and denounce once again the “fake media.”


Now, let’s travel back in time and consider the amount of YouTube analyses and wakeupsheepledotcom think-pieces that would have been written had President Obama did the same. “He thinks he’s the Pharaoh of the USA…this was a clear Illuminati symbol, in plain sight, signaling the New World Order takeover. The snake staff obviously a reference to Satan, whom the Elites worship.”

But such multiplicity of analyses and think-pieces regarding the action at the White House on Sunday were not to be found by me, at least not yet. Maybe I just need to search harder.


Can you imagine if somebody with the length and breadth of the most intense, widely-read synchromystic theorist applied such rarified knowledge not to ultimately boost various alt-right theories, but the exact opposite?


But who will do that? Who? Oh where will we find such a masochistic lunatic?



There’s so much in my notes I want to cover (the 2 “Satanist” girls, the people who got shot at a “First Purge” Halloween party in Los Angeles, the newly-announced Richard Linklater Bill Hicks movie, the time-binding theories of Alfred Korzybski)…but I think this will have to do for now. It feels like a bit of a victory to have jotted down this much on my coffee break.

I will leave you with the stirring tunefulness of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Have an excellent Tuesday, and an even better Halloween.