11.3.18: The De Niro Loop


“I’m not interested in conspiracy theories; I’m interested in conspiracy facts these days.” —Robert Anton Wilson


I’d like to write a short story about a sweaty manic Cesar Sayoc in his smelly bomb-making MAGA-Van amongst the trash and nooses and decapitated dolls and $7000 worth of Trump memorabilia, indulging in fever-dream steroid-rage fantasies of being greeted with thundering applause at one of the rallies as a voice over the speaker-system gleefully announces that he successfully blew up Obama, Hillary, and actor Robert De Niro.

I’m thinking a three-pager in the latest issue of “Action Comics,” whaddya say, kids?




Of course…actor Robert De Niro was in the classic 1976 film Taxi Driver…about a disturbed loner who goes insane and contemplates assassinating a presidential candidate…


…a film that was highly influential on disturbed loner John Hinckley Jr., who used the movie as inspiration in the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981.


So in 2018…disturbed loner Cesar Sayoc attempts to assassinate actor Robert De Niro…

qimeiuzyqm0ht0blantu.jpg…for criticizing President Donald Trump, who some (rightly or wrongly or some mix in-between) compare to Reagan.


And in 2019, a movie featuring the comic book villain The Joker will come out…purposely modeled on the 1976 classic film Taxi Driver


…featuring a disturbed loner who targets billionaire Thomas Wayne…Thomas Wayne, a character described as a “Donald Trump type,” initially supposed to be played by actor Alec Baldwin…


…a movie that will boast an appearance by (wait for it!) actor Robert De Niro.


Well, that’s an *odd* bunch of non-localized quantum variables. 🤔




On this day in 2014, One World Trade Center was finally opened to the public.


If you ever have a chance to visit the entire downtown NYC area where the building is located, I highly suggest it; there you’ll find quite a bizarre agglomeration of notable constructions such as the WTC memorial pools…


…the Millennium Hotel (which resembles the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey)…


…the freaky WTC transportation hub Oculus…


as well as monuments from way back in the “early America” period, such as the grave of Alexander Hamilton.


I’ve done a bunch of research on this area, and I’ll do a tighter analysis in a future post



As you will see shortly , I’m writing some completely grand-spanking new posts again. I still want to keep the Journal section, but it will probably be shorter. I do like noting various anniversaries and dates of note, as it helps me sort of “locate” myself in the timeline (sort of like how those nifty Flat Earth exercises, while not convincing me that the Earth is flat, helps me “locate” myself in physical space).

And so: there is so much else I could write here, but I have to acknowledge to myself that I’ll never get through all of it. The list increases daily, hourly; just from The Daily Mail alone.

Have a good Saturday.