Unemployed X-Men: The End Of “Psychic Soldiers”


I’ve spent the last few weeks really pondering what would be the most useful things I could possibly write for you.

So here goes:

We need to start with the premise that, clearly, there is “weirder” stuff going on out there, in “here,” than what is officially admitted to.

I’m talking about everything from psychic phenomena, to strange reality tangents, to where our consciousness goes when we die, to what our consciousness really is. The origins of the species. Etc. Clearly, it’s more than the approved Wikipedia parameters.

I think many of us know this. I’m willing to bet that if we conducted a poll of regular citizens-on-the-street, they would cite their own anecdotes in this regard—of strange unexplainable phenomena that happened to them, or family lore to that effect passed down from generation to generation. And that these stories would number in the hundreds, the thousands, perhaps even the millions (with a vast enough poll).

Now, if we make like Charles Fort and meticulously sift through all these myriad anecdotes and disqualify all those that might have an alternate explanation…we are going to find ourselves with a set of anomalies for which no “mundane” explanation (“science,” coincidence, insanity) will suffice.

In addition, it is very possible that there are personally-experienced anomalies that hold even more weight—things that are extremely hard to explain away, uncanny things, things that would only have meaning to the experiencer.

It is then when we must come to the conclusion: there is “more” out there than what is officially agreed-upon. There are things, modalities of sensory perception for example, that are continually scoffed at by the “experts,” scoffed at by persons claiming to be the representatives of sane and rational thought. Even though thousands, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of people have experienced such things over numerous millennia.

Why is this? Why is this denied?




Aspects of the United States government—the ones with the purchasing power—believed in the existence of psychic phenomena so much that they greenlit a program for its study, called STARGATE. Why is that?

That’s not bullshit, by the way—there’s an official government archive online right now related to said program(s). Why is this archive available? Is it available to show how stupid and deluded the government was? Sure, there are FOIA requests…but the government didn’t really have to make this stuff available if it was truly so sensitive; let’s be real.

Why is this archive available?




(I will have to, at this point, say a few words on the actual STARGATE archive. Just for the background research these guys did on psychic phenomena and the paranormal alone, it’s worth a visit. We’re talking really obscure foreign magazine articles, experiment abstracts, tons of shit. Then of course, you get all the notes on the actual remote viewing experiments and stuff like that. Whenever I have a free moment or two, I download a few of these documents and archive them—because I just never feel like this website is going to stay up. Though I’m sure there are far more industrious data-hoarders than me who have zipped the entire thing up the yin-yang already.)



Why did the government “stop” such psychic studies by the Nineties? Did they finally conclude it all wasn’t “real?” Really?

It is the opinion of this author that as the Internet ascended, it was immediately perceived as far more of a potential tool for mind-fucking than any number of “psychic cadets” could ever be.

Basically: the Internet (and, later, AI) put the psychic cadets out of business.

Psychic abilities, telepathy, remote viewing, etc. WAS proven in these programs—but considered not to be efficient enough for what was desired to be accomplished. What is more effective—a remote viewer or a stealth drone the size of a fucking mosquito?

And who can “possess” more people? Some psychic cadet in the lab, or one smartly-conceived meme?

The memes put the psychic cadets out of business. 

And so now we have all these unemployed psychic cadets. We got all these psychic cadets from Stranger Things hitting middle-age with mind-fucked minds, without careers. They were going to be our remote viewers, our psychic assassins, our New Earth Army.

But the internet took their jobs. Memes took their jobs. Now AI is going to finish what was started.

There’s no use for the X-Men anymore.


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