11.7.18 B: The Basic Physics Of The Thing


(I should at this point explain that the two journal entries I published today, and the one yesterday, are actually from three short “essays” I wrote on my lunch break two weeks ago. They sort of flowed out as I typed them on my phone; and I did want to post them at some point. Is this all a “cheat?” Is this not spontaneous enough? Or: alternatively, is this exactly the right time to publish them?)




Speaking of current events, I want to address not conspiracy theories but instead the basic physics of energy.

To every action, there is a reaction. What we put out, we get back. “Karma”—but not the concept of karma as some type of moral/ethical “judgement” thing. Rather, karma as a matter of basic physics.

Let’s take the moral/ethical thing out of the equation for a minute, and merely concentrate on the physics.

Things have been steadily “crazier” since 2012. Things, really, have been steadily crazier since after 9/11, but they were kicked up about eight notches after ‘12.

And I don’t mean in just politics. Science and technology, too. In terms of the movements of natural bodies both terrestrial and offworld.

Now: there has to be a reaction to these actions. Each action ratcheting it up just a little more, just a little more, just a little more…

Take the tension—the energy created—by each strange and disruptive event in the Nineties. Overshadowing it all—the anticipated 2000 “Y2K” “Doomsday” date.

This unexpectedly all culminates not in Y2K but 9/11.

Then from 9/11 the attention is turned to the next “Apocalypse” date—December 21, 2012. People anticipate some great event or happening on the date…and yet it’s possible this was merely a “springboard” for a myriad of events, some events and movements so subtle you definitely could have missed them.

But again: the energy builds. Again, the pendulum swings; this long, slow arc of the pendulum sweeping across the past six years.

And as we well know, as the pendulum travels in one direction, it will then travel in the opposite direction. This is not a matter of ethics/morals. This is not a matter of the supremacy of any one ideology.

This is a matter of sheer physics.




We have been “enjoying” the benefits of a more or less open Internet since the mid-to-late 1990s. 9/11 turbo-charged online communities, especially in the fringe sphere. By 2012, the Internet was at its zenith—the meme as the unit of change, ascendant.

But this door is going to steadily close, ever-quicker close as each year passes by.

This is the reaction to the action.

This is the pendulum swinging the other way; finally, inexorably.

If you seek to be successful, you will need to anticipate the trends.

How can you anticipate this trend?