11.7.18: All Of The Above


I believe humanity has had outside (inside?) contact by non-human beings of some stripe—but I will not fully go out on a limb to state with any sense of authority what exactly these beings are.

And I will also not count out the possibility that these “beings” could be some “version” of us from another time or dimensional plane.

But it seems clear to me that it hasn’t been just us—us, as we currently understand ourselves to be—running the show. There is some sort of “dialogue” going on. There is some sort of (attempted) “instruction” going on.

Further: it seems that these beings are (depending on which ones you “talk” to, or perhaps by the same ones depending on what side of the bed they got up on in the morning) motivated to contact us for varying reasons.

There is instruction with the goal of our evolution.

There is instruction pretending to be with the goal of our evolution, but in actuality to drive us to our destruction.

There is BS instruction done purely for the lulz.

Obviously, this is all quite like the Internet.




And if it indeed is all like the Internet—this extra-dimensional contact thingie—then we must also assume that some beings merely troll and torment.

And if it indeed is all like the Internet, we ought to have a degree of caution and discernment regarding it.

Here is where all the folk wisdom and superstitions might actually hold some weight—how not to attract “evil spirits,” how not to fuck around with things we barely understand (much less can control).

Of course…our modern form of folk wisdom in this regard is to be found in our “horror” movies. Take something as basic as 1981’s The Evil Dead. Young people visit a spooky cabin access an old tape-recorder, play the tape, get possessed, turn into fetid blobs of screaming flesh. Baked within that narrative is the idea that these are not only young people (not educated in the protective folk wisdom) but college students (recipients of a liberal education that certainly doesn’t admit to the existence of so-called “spirits”).

Moreover, the man on the tape recording is some professor/scientist who is even more sure that such things exist.

And yet “such things” devour them all.




Flashforward nearly 30 years later, and Evil Dead director San Raimi still explores these themes in the movie Drag Me To Hell. A cartoonish caricature of a Gypsy “curses” some smart young business woman. Spoilers: her life falls apart as a result.

Should she have heeded the folk wisdom? Would a “healthy” belief in the existence of Spirits have helped her? Or, alternatively: would such a belief have helped doom her, per paranoia and self-sabotage?

In all such trips down the rabbit hole, one must be constantly on guard that one isn’t completely deluding oneself. Perhaps the entire phantasmagoric creepshow was just a result of mental illness. Maybe the mental illness was a result of the phantasmagorical creepshow.

And maybe—as is the opinion of this writer—the “true” answer is some murky mash of “All Of The Above.” In which case…despite the specious nature of holy water and various “blessed” relics, certainly they couldn’t hurt in your astral defense arsenal.




You may not believe in Spirits…but Spirits may believe in you.