11.9.18: Otherworldly Insurance Agent Messiahs


“It’s a strange thing to be addicted to comprehending God’s mind.”
–Philip K. Dick


I would love this blog to be this continual coverage of current events—as certainly, I have it in me. I used to put out 10-15+ new posts on pop-culture news up for MTV a day; either edited/formatted them or wrote the fuckers on top of all that.

But to be honest…this current news cycle, this not-so-current news cycle…really makes me literally sick.




So a couple of years ago I bundled some of my notes/dreams/etc. together into separate themed personal “volumes”…you know, just something that I constructed to make sense of it all for myself.

And the first “book” was called De Vinculis. I got that from Giordano Bruno— “The Links.” It’s the idea that everything in the Universe is connected by these “links”…and that if you knew the right combination, the right “links” to access in the right sequence, you’d win a pony or something. First encountered the term in Sinister Forces by Peter Levenda, and it made quite an impression on me.


To me, the idea of “links,” in terms of the disparate material I included within my “books,” referred to a common “thread” that passed through all of them. And according to my hindsight, the common thread had to do with the lead-up to the 2012 so-called “Mayan Apocalypse” date. Not that it was really an “Apocalypse” that occurred…but rather a sort of “gateway” time of accelerated change.

De Vinculis begins all the way back in September of 2008, and ends the summer of 2012. It consists of five dreams, two automatic writing pieces, three journal entries, and a short story (which was also sort of an automatic writing piece).

Just to sort of get my “attention,” it begins with Jesus.


Dream: 9/23/08


I was shown a chart depicting the ups and downs of the life of an artist or Messiah. I’m not sure if the chart depicted several people, or the same person. One looked like it was from the time of Jesus, but had been painted over (the original art looked more active).

It was said that to ensure the Messiah would come, they had more than one in case one died.


The idea of the archetypal “Cosmic Christ” shouldn’t be that unfamiliar to you—Jesus as a universal force for good and mercy, a spiritual force that can be tapped into, a “hero with a thousand faces,” to borrow Joseph Campbell’s phrase. Rather than the “true” Christ being solely the purview of the one “right” religion (or, more accurately, particular flavor of a larger religion), He (“he”) can be accessed by a multitude of people under a multitude of different guises and names.

“Cosmic Christ,” by Alex Grey

Now, we can also consider the Jesus archetype as lived out by various people in everyday life, through their selfless actions. Just as multiple people could be “Spartacus,” multiple people can “be” Christ. This is, of course, very much like the Gnostic heresy of the Divine dwelling within us, and decentralizes various profitable religious hierarchies just a little bit.

There is a third way of looking at all this, however, and it spins out of the first two.
And that’s the idea that there is some Cosmic Central out there (in there) headed by a God-like “boss” or council of bosses, which sends out various “Christs” to Earth (and/or the galaxy) throughout history to ultimately “save” humankind.

Here we have the idea from my dream of having more than one “Messiah” ready in case one died.


This all starts to have an “agenty” type of feel to it, like James Bond or at the very least The Man From UNCLE. (I do like the “Uncle” metaphor a bit better, as it immediately denotes this sort of “protective” and benevolent quality. Whereas Bond could be a bit of a creeper.)

At this point, I cannot help but recall the term the Heaven’s Gate peeps used for their own particular interpretation of this concept: “reps.” Reps, as in: your life insurance rep, your Allstate rep. Certainly, not the most encouraging thing in the world to reference HG here, but it just goes to show you (again) how every group interprets these cosmological happenings in their own unique way. The founders of HG came of age in the 1950s (and had middle-aged nervous breakdowns in the 1970s), and hence the vision of the clean-cut insurance-salesman-as-Christ-agent.

Would you buy life insurance from these people?

From the image of the somewhat “square” but otherworldly Insurance Agent messiahs, we are led naturally to the trope of the Men in Black—enforcers of the Conspiracy, or agents from the Godhead? Or both? How much do they have to teach humans, and how much do they have to hold back from them because they aren’t ready? And are they finks for holding stuff back?

In all these cases: Jesus, the Man from UNCLE Christ-Agents, the Allstate Divine Insurance Reps, the Men in Black, Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Superman’s Second Cousin Sven, Alien David Bowie with no genitalia…we have beings who look human but don’t quite fit in.

Because they’re not…human.



Finally, I want to point out the parts in my dream about the “charts” that go up and down, and how the original Christ “painting” was more “active.” The charts automatically remind me of Terence McKenna’s “Timewave Zero” stuff, where he literally graphed all the major events in human history, corresponded them with the I-Ching somehow (I cannot tell you exactly somehow, I’m not a damned mathematician & my numerology needs work as well), and claimed to be able to anticipate future events.

What is being referred to here is a procession of ages, and a cycling of ages, and a recurring of ages. And perhaps there is but one main Christ but He (“he”) keeps cycling out into different times and places—but it’s always the same time and place, it is the Singularity at the end of McKenna’s Timewave Zero chart, it’s the 70 AD of Philip K. Dick.

70 AD—when the “painting,” the archetype, of the Cosmic Christ was most “active,” most pure (the “Secret Christians,” the Gnostics). Perhaps.

Or: is the 70 AD thing just a “spatiotemporal crutch,” as well? There were certainly times where Dick suspected this.

We all need our touchstones, our “markers,” our shorthand; symbols being the engine upon which our human brains sort through the world, symbols as the human mind’s “filter.”


Symbols as their own conscious units, operating spatiotemporally and seamlessly interacting with humanity.


Have a good Friday. But not like a “Jesus” good Friday.