11.16.18: Denying Discordia


“I denied Discordia and regret nothing; I have spat into the bodiless eyes of the Crimson King and rejoice; I threw my lot with the gunslinger and the White and never once questioned the choice.”
–Stephen King, “The Dark Tower”


On this date in 1938, Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first synthesized LSD. He did not mean to synthesize LSD; he didn’t even know it was LSD. Five years later, Hofmann accidentally dosed himself with the LSD and then was like: “whoa, this is LSD!”



In short—I’m deep-sixing my Facebook. It’s not just because of the stunning level of bullshittery we’re continually finding out about the company, but…the whole thing is stale to me. I don’t need to keep up with so many people from the irregularly-strung string of beads that is my past on such a granular and daily level. Does that make me sound like an asshole? May-be. But this is just how I feel. It just feels really unnatural; it’s felt unnatural and uninspiring for a while.


Somebody I used to know thumbs-up a status update; they’ve done their “job.” They read my profile, now they’re all up-to-date with everything about “me.” As if that’s “me.” Then something will happen in the world, all the requisite posts will go out & the “appropriate” thumbs up will be made. If you have a different opinion—that makes people uncomfortable, “your” people, this irregularly-strung string of beads that is your past. So now you might get dropped as a “friend,” or more likely silently “muted”—so they can still be your “friend” but just not have to hear any of your bullshit (while you, unwittingly, still have to hear their bullshit because “likes” because “metrics” because “followers”).


How is this fun anymore, and how is this “real?” And meanwhile, Facebook itself was hiring all these shady groups to do shit like “push” George Soros conspiracy theories (with their distinctively anti-Semitic aftertaste) against liberal critics…while at the very same time, use a least one civil rights group to accuse other Facebook critics of being anti-Semitic! What in the literal fuck is that?


Now, I do have a Butterfly Language “product page” up on Facebook; haven’t used it in a while, obviously won’t be using it in the future. Instead, I’m going to try to activate the “comments” thing here & keep it open as long as the moderation of such seems a feasible use of my time. Also playing with the idea of a Patreon, which I think has it’s own “community” feature, and a BL-separate Twitter (though I’m not super-keen on Twitter either, and will probably be deep-sixing my personal account in the near future as well).

So I will keep you up to date with all that, and I do appreciate your support and patience.

And if I sound like the asshole here, that’s OK…you’re probably not the first one to think that about me.



You know what, I’m going to keep this short & just really work on getting my content “tight” for tomorrow.

Have a good Friday.

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