11.17.18: My Favorite Daimon


“It is the heart that contains the original instructions of Life, and when the heart is again in control of a person’s life, Life responds with joy and power.”
—Drunvalo Melchizedek


We find yet another iteration of the pooka/tulpa/guardian angel trope in the most unlikely of all places: the Detective Pikachu trailer. Hardcore Pokemon fans may bristle at me comparing Pikachu’s (Pookachu’s?) stylings to a rabbit, but it fits the archetype. The protagonist is basically the only person who can understand Pikachu’s speech…spoken by fourth wall-breaking Deadpool resonator Ryan Reynolds.


It’s the basic trope of the “Imaginary Friend”—often in the form of a childhood hero or other such type figure. It is about accessing the purity of the child-mind in order to solve essential adult problems as a need for self-actualization. We see this trope in Harvey (1950), Drop Dead Fred (1991), Ted, (2012), Inside Out (2015), and the Amazon TV series The Tick (2017).

“Drop Dead Fred”

But these creatures can have darker and more destructive aspects, as we see in Fight Club (1999), Donnie Darko (2001), the TV series Mr. Robot (2015), and Death Note (2017). This ambivalence reflects the tendency for related reported paranormal, UFOlogical, or near-death occurrences to be either “inspirational” or “scary” depending on the individual recounting the tale (a paradox embodied so perfectly in the Saturday Night Live “abductee” sketches with Kate McKinnon).

“Donnie Darko”

Perhaps these figures are what the Ancient Greeks would call “daimons”—”higher voices” of inspiration.

Quoteth Socrates:

“The favor of the gods has given me a marvelous gift, which has never left me since my childhood. It is a voice which, when it makes itself heard, deters me from what I am about to do and never urges me on.”

Now, we could try to get into the specifics of the nature of these “daimons”—are they demons from other dimensions, aliens, schizophrenic hallucinations, thoughtforms, tulpas, the pooka, Higher Selves, right brain talking to left brain, etc.???

Or, the scariest answer of all: “All Of The Above”?



And then there is this Alex Jones-dubbed version of the Detective Pikachu trailer:


A few things of note I’ve come across in my merry internet travels:

The way the media is covering the whole Florida Joker thing is kinda interesting…normally, a dude ranting and raving in YouTube videos waving big-ass guns—especially nowadays—would be pretty damn scary. But don’t worry—IT’S ONLY A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER! (Pow! Zap!)


I was asked recently if I do life-coaching anymore. I sort of…don’t. At least not in the form I had been previously.

Part of it’s really the aesthetics of it. I just don’t naturally seem to fit in with a lot of  “mainstream” life-coaching/channeling/fortune-telling/spirit-rubbing/etc. practitioners.

They’re like:


And I’m like:


I’m a bit of a goofball and an agnostic…and beyond that, I’m still trying to figure out whether certain basic concepts and approaches in Life Coaching really “work.”

One of the big ones for me is the fear that you may push a person to move beyond their limits way too fast. That old saw: “if I could wave a magic wand and you could have your dream job, what would it be?” That all needs to be tempered with a bunch of other factors and caveats and disclaimers. “The Law Of Attraction”—that concept needs to be tempered with a bunch of other factors and caveats and disclaimers. Things like that.

I’m really trying to sort this all out.

But that’s why instead, I’m really thinking about becoming a stand-up comedian. That way nobody will ever take any of the esoteric stuff I say too seriously and start a cult…they’ll just instead be like: “oh, that shit is FUNNY!”

And then I’m in the clear!



Have a good Saturday.

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