11.18.18: The Rabbit Cannot Be Suppressed


“What one does not remember dictates who one loves or fails to love…What one does not remember is the serpent in the garden of one’s dreams…What one does not remember contains the only hope, danger, trap, inexorability, of love–only love can help you recognize what you do not remember.”
–James Baldwin


Ninety years ago today, “Steamboat Willie,” the first first fully synchronized sound cartoon, was released by Walt Disney. Starring Mickey Mouse, it is considered to be the cartoon character’s “official” birthday. However, the first true “star” of Disney was not Mickey…but Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald is largely forgotten today, though a “lost” cartoon starring the character was recently unearthed in Japan.


Of course, the rabbit is the trickster, is the pooka resonator; Bugs, Harvey, Frank, etc.

Anyway, Mickey had the better PR, the money backing; perhaps he was even more well-spoken than Oswald. But it was supposed to be Oswald’s show. This entire awkward situation was to be finally addressed with the 2012 video game Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, in which Oswald is depicted as the main resident of The Wasteland—the land of forgotten cartoon characters.

In Epic Mickey 2, the suppressed Oswald remakes Disneyland in his own image. Oswald is forgotten, liminal, a shadow-character; but he makes an inexplicable return in 2018 via the vaults of a Japanese animation historian.

The rabbit cannot be suppressed. I have a keen interest in living in a world where Oswald is Mickey.


Forty years ago today, 918 people died via a massive murder/suicide at the People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. This is, according to my calculations, fifty years after the debut of “Steamboat Willie.”


I do not pretend to be an expert at the tragedy at Jonestown, but did thumb through the second volume of my old standby Sinister Forces to refresh myself on the topic. To go into the psychopathology of the Rev. Jim Jones is too distasteful for me to pursue at such an early hour on Sunday morning, but I will briefly mention the startling synchronicity author Peter Levenda had discovered relating to the event.


Basically, more than a hundred years before Jones led his macrocosmic Apocalypse in Guyana, another crazy Reverend had rounded up about 400 of his Native American followers—in the same area as Jonestown—and convinced them to commit mass suicide.

Per Levenda:

“We can, of course, choose to categorize this uncanny synchronicity as ‘mere coincidence,’ as if the mass suicide of four hundred in 1845 and the mass murder of nine hundred in 1978 should be reduced to a scientific curiosity at best, or a scientific absurdity at worst. However, as we have noted before, in history there are documents…and there is blood.”

And so what we observe in Levenda’s Charles Fortesque passage is the concept of re-cycles in the most grotesque and tragic sense.


As per my many predictions earlier on this blog, WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE MOON, BABY!!!!

In this slick PR video released a couple of days ago from NASA (including apparently an ad buy on Reddit), it’s promised that we are not only returning to the moon…but “to stay.”

Talk about re-cycles—compare this to the very active NASA of the increasingly-beleaguered Nixon era.

The time-table on this stuff has been greatly sped up, people. This PR push by NASA is not just happenstance, something every few years they feel the need to do to justify their paychecks. This is the precursor to what will be one of the most defining motifs of the 2020 era, Elon Musk’s pot-fueled brain-farts notwithstanding.


And that, I think, is it. I do have a new dedicated Butterfly Language twitter handle, as I suppose I had to choose between the lesser of two evils & Jack Dorsey > Mark Zuckerberg.


Have a good Sunday, and remember to keep your feet on the ground and your eyes towards the stars.


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