The Horus Transmission


I originally channelled this on May 18, 2006. By “channeled” I mean: I just started writing it, without any sort of conscious planning or thought. (Since then, I have added italics and other formatting here and there for emphasis.) It was a period of time in my life where I had just come off of a serious illness, the effects of which I could only get over by an extreme “pure” diet. Perhaps these were the factors—coupled with an extended break from work and travel—that produced the ideal “environment” for this sort of work.

The original document ended with a list of specific predictions, which included time-frame estimates (“in 4 years,” etc.). It is my belief that this document was not “meant” for the era in which I channeled it—2006. It is my belief it is meant for now—because now is when I would have the audience to really read this work—and that the time estimates refer to this specific era.

I’m not running those predictions at this time.

Lastly, I’ll say that reading this all back to myself, there is stuff here that contradicts—or, at least, challenges—my own conscious notions. Hence, the paradox of this situation.



We are all pieces of the same initial Spirit. At the dawn of existence Spirit was shattered into an infinite amount of pieces by…Spirit. Spirit is indeed the father & the son, created & creator. We are thus all each other and each of us is also Spirit.

However, true learning could not take place in the omnipotent realm of Spirit, nor in the awesome worlds of what we consider “aliens” or “divine creatures.” True learning happens only through facing limitation. Hence this reality we find ourselves, the reality that includes the Earth, the solar system, and everything else bound up in the science that orders the reality.

Spirit craved learning & development. So Spirit split itself into all of us—and deliberately placed limitations on our existence such as mortality, greed, and amnesia of our divine origins.



However, Spirit realized at some point that it condemned its “children”—or, intimate aspects of itself—to unbelievable pain and agony in the present reality we find ourselves. It is here that the legend of Jesus Christ is explained.

Spirit sent itself—in full consciousness of itself—down to Earth to experience all the agonies at one time. It was an apology first and foremost. But in this Christ form Spirit set a road map of principles and beliefs that could give us Spirit-fragments a degree of comfort & a method for salvation. The ultimate and only true way of attaining peace & comfort in this present reality is through sheer unwavering Belief.

This being said, the Bible as we know it is heavily influenced by folk customs & political intrigues. Any true knowledge to be gleaned from it is done by intuition and by skillful decyphering of parables.



What we consider aliens/angels are contemporaries of Spirit. They are not the children of Spirit, though Spirit is one of the strongest among them. There is a spot of Energy from which divine creatures including Spirit come from. This Energy is not sentient—it merely creates. We confuse our Judeo-Christian concept of God with both the Energy and Spirit as if it was one—it is not!

Spirit is basically good. The creation spot of Energy is amoral. Energy has mindless rules concerning spiritual physics that are beyond any attempt to explain—they just are.



In the laws of the Energy there is a basic concept of duality. For every existing thing there is its opposite. Hence Spirit, which is good, has an evil counterpart.

The good Spirit and the Anti-Spirit are roughly matched strength-wise—they have to be, in order for there to be any existence of either. However, one side can be suppressed— submerged, if you will. Dormant. And so we have the dance.

The dance can only have its real impact in our reality, in which there are limitations and in which concepts such as good and evil can express itself. Which side will be suppressed, oppressed—tricked or seduced into submission? It is a constant battle— driven by the laws of spiritual physics as mindlessly laid out by the Creation Point/Energy.



Do you understand that neither Good nor Evil can be destroyed? They can only be suppressed and frozen to varying degrees. This is an important point. The mythology of H.P. Lovecraft concerning the demons who are buried under the earth or sea is a good metaphor regarding this concept. Of course, Lovecraft was channeling the basic information & dressed it up in fanciful names & situations. But demons really do exist, and countless numbers have been buried throughout this planet by shamen and divine creatures.

There have been numerous attempts by the darker occultists to release these demons from their “cages” on Earth or in other dimensions. One happened in 1946 as the result of the Babalon Working by Jack Parsons, inventor of rocket propulsion, and L. Ron Hubbard in the Nevada desert. The intense rash of UFOs that follow are the direct result of that working, which opened up doors to other dimensions and let a lot of demons/”aliens” loose on this planet.

“Babalon” herself was supposed to be a goddess along the lines of Diana or Hecate— a well as the corollary to the “Scarlet Whore” of the Bible. Parsons was a sentimental fool and didn’t understand what the hell he was unleashing. Hubbard, on the other hand, was extremely deliberate & calculating; he eventually used a great deal of the occult knowledge he learned in his new religion.



What we classically know as “aliens” are demons—are interdimensional creatures who see us as a “food” supply. However, it is really not the flesh they are after—but the energy we produce when either sexually aroused or in terror.

Our adrenal response network, that tasty energy we spurt off our aura when we have an orgasm or are scared to death, is like candy to these creatures. It sustains them. It can also be manipulated by occultists in our realm to gain great power.

The worst of the worst in black magic ritual is designed to make use of this energy—it is the motivating factor not only in gruesome crimes like the Manson murders & Jeffrey Dahmer but in the entire concentration camp system as operated by the Third Reich.
Of course, here I am referring to the terror aspect of the energy. Cultures such as the ancient Celtics & Indians made use of the sexual aspect, in tantric rituals that are of a far lighter magic to be sure.



But whenever we are scared, the demons hover. This is the explanation for a good deal of hauntings. Whenever we have sex in a careless way that doesn’t include a protective layer of some sort of love, respect, or fondness, the demons hover. It is not a matter of “morality,” as the Bible (in its current form) dictates. It is simply a matter of spiritual physics.

Alien abductions are not designed to be “medical” or “scientific” in nature, as is commonly believed by many UFOlogists. They are designed to torture & scare the living shit out of us so we can emit the necessary adrenalin reaction. Sometimes they are more sexual in nature, and sometimes they are more terror-related; whatever works.

These demons/aliens can pull our spirits out of our bodies and “keep” us for awhile to drain our energy. Our physical forms can seem completely normal in our reality—though somewhat depressed lethargic or blank while our spirits are enslaved in this manner. In another dimension there are what (to our human comprehension) would be analogous to wire pens full of these trapped spirit bodies—caught in a treadmill of terror or of constant sexual stimulation.



Now, what allows some people to be “trapped” while others are free? We all have our “falls.” For some, it is a devastating incident that leads to a spiral of depression. Or a continuing addiction. Or an obsession. Or greed & an entanglement in materialist ways.

All these things weaken our ability to fight these demons. They leave us the walking wounded. They punch holes in our protective aura. And the demons/aliens come through. And if we are really in a bad way, our spirits may become completely enslaved.

Of course, there are many people on this planet that have such “falls”—why aren’t reports of alien/demon visitations/abductions rampant? Only the most psychically sensitive among us can comprehend/see these extra-dimensional creatures—and have the tools to truly fight them. Most people, on the contrary, go about their daily lives in a haze, concerned only with the material; they make great snacks for demons.

In turn, the spiritually blind & enslaved in our reality become co-opted by these aliens/demons and promulgate the conditions necessary to create more mindless adrenal reactions. Sex is debased and stripped of all spiritual components. Anger, frustration, and violence are encouraged—war, rape, and suffering become part of political policy.



With all this talk of “dimensional” aliens, the question may be asked: what about physical UFO aircrafts? They are very “real”—but do not come all the way from Zeta Reticuli or wherever. They pop out of dimensional rifts. The crafts are physical but are not of our physics.

Are the aliens here? They are intimately here. It is the biggest open secret among governments. Why aren’t these governments mobilized against them, then? Partly because of the “co-opting” I mentioned earlier. And partially because—we cannot beat them. We simply can’t. We cannot nuke them. We can’t do anything to them. However, we can be strong in our will and correct & pure in our actions in order to keep our spirits protected—but most people, seduced by our culture, cannot pull off this feat.



What is known as the “human” consciousness was purposely implanted into the hominid species many thousands of years ago, culminating in the beginning of the Sumerian culture. There is a radical “jump” in human consciousness at that time and developed culture starts immediately with no apparent lead-in.

Who implanted this consciousness? Agents of Spirit—what we might consider “gods” or “angels.” They took the basic living consciousness shared by the beasts & plant-life of the Earth and took away almost all barriers to Spirit-consciousness. We, newly human beings, were one step away from gods—from Spirit. And we started out, in these ancient cultures, as pretty advanced.


b copy.jpg

There is a myth that human culture & intellect has only grown to higher and higher levels since the dawn of man. This is false. When we were first implanted with human consciousness we were at our peakthe ancient Sumerian, Mayan, Egyptian, Indian, Native American cultures were far more advanced than we are today.

They were working with actual technologies that are mostly (but not completely) lost to us now—alien technology. Their philosophies & scientific theories were far more advanced. Their psychic faculties were far far far more advanced. Their medical practices—including the use of traditional folk medicines— were far more advanced. And their astronomical data was through the roof in terms of complexity—again, gifts from the gods who bestowed these creatures with human consciousness.

Atlantis was not a specific location but a “buzzword” describing this Golden Age that spanned the globe. And Atlantis is largely lost to us now—except for the spiritually adept who can channel the concepts of that age and bring it back to the people.



Why did the Golden Age end? The Anti-Spirit asserted itself—but that is taking the responsibility away from the humans themselves. In order to keep Anti-Spirit at bay humans must take responsibility.

What we consider “Gaea”—Nature—is an entity around the same level as angels or demons or “gods.” It is a conscious entity. It was not made to service Man.

Currently, Nature absolutely hates us. There is no going back for most of us in terms of getting back in Nature’s good graces. This is important to understand. What’s done is done—the damage is done. We are at the edge of Nature’s final response to us. There is no world-wide environmental program that’s going to change Nature’s mind at this point.

What we consider “the Apocalypse” or the “end of the world” has several components converging at the same time:

1) The revolt of Nature.

2) The Anti-Spirit working with Nature (who, remember, is a divine entity in and of itself) to spread darkness.

3) The aliens/demons working with Nature to produce mass terror and hysteria, and working with enslaved human consciousnesses to produce war & misery.

4) Human consciousness being on the threshold of another massive jump in evolution.

5) Fulfillment of divine prophecies whose only real reason to exist is simply to exist—more spiritual physics we cannot hope to understand.



  1. “What we classically know as “aliens” are demons—are interdimensional creatures who see us as a “food” supply. However, it is really not the flesh they are after—but the energy we produce when either sexually aroused or in terror.”

    Makes a lot of sense, what with all porn and horror movies being in such high demand. 😦


    • I agree…you know, I sometimes look askance at that whole current “adrenochrome” fringe theory (and the larger conspiracy theories that get built up around it), but the fact that what I channeled is kinda similar to that really creeps me out.


  2. This is a very interesting post. If you are comfortable in writing about it, I would be interested in learning more about how these ideas came to you and what your world was like at the time. What sorts of ideas were you consuming at that time? I came to very similar ideas in Part I right around that same time. I was reading a lot of Philip Dick and Buddhist thought, both of whom hint at the reflective nature of reality/our universe, but never come out and say it as directly. At least, not that I can remember.


    • Well, at that point I was super-duper into fundamentalist Christianity–go figure! I had just come off of a long illness and the Christianity really helped a *lot*. But of course that stuff can get *really* esoteric, too. And I had a basic background in Buddhism and other religious/philosophical thought, as well as “pop”-esoteric authors like Deepak Chopra & etc. I had *just* been introduced to the world of Philip K. Dick via the movie “Waking Life,” but it would be another six years before I really delved into his work.

      But going back to the Christian stuff–when you have such an *all-encompassing* belief system like that, this completely “set” world/cosmic view–it can get *really* esoteric. It puts you in the mindspace for potential esoteric experiences, by virtue of the mechanisms of Belief alone. However, once you are in that “liminal” metaphysical mindspace…all bets are off as to what you’re *actually* going to run into.


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