11.29.18: The Matt Damon Joker


Well, I knew I said I was going to take a little break journaling, but I had a couple of synchronicities or whatnot later yesterday and they were just too striking to pass up writing about them.

In the first, a new bartender/waiter at the restaurant greeted me: and he looked just like Matt Damon! Not just a little bit like Matt Damon…but literally: Matt Damon. And I don’t know why exactly that was such a striking incident in itself, but it was. I thought at first that it was a kind of “candid camera” thing and it was really Matt Damon just bullshitting me.

And it also made me think of the actor who often gets pegged as “Faux Matt Damon”—the cop from Game Night. Though this guy looked exactly like Matt Damon.

But here’s where the synchronicity comes in: somehow, the Joker gets mentioned in the bar convo. And then Matt Damon says, out of nowhere: “I just dressed as the Joker for Halloween!”

And he pulls out his phone and shows me the picture of him as the Joker, and like my brain is exploding. Because you know: I just posted the day before that anecdote about Teenage Me dressing as the Joker for Halloween. (And then there is just the surreality of Matt Damon as the Joker.)

And I wasn’t even planning on going to the restaurant yesterday, and it wasn’t even the “regular” time I’d go. I was still debating in my mind if it was the “right thing” to post my “De Vinculis” journal complete like that too. But then I was like: I guess everything happens exactly “just so” for a reason, every last thing, leading to my bartender as Matt Damon dressed as the Joker.

But that wasn’t the =kicker=.

No, the kicker was when I was coming home, I found a particular book on the side of the road:


I was like…


Anyway, that was it.

Bonus: I’ll pick a rando quote from the Nostradamus book as a type of an oracle:

“Another reference to Mussolini, this retells the sordid details of his fate.”


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