12.1.18: Because I Had Nothing Else Going On


“Somewhere along the line I knew there’d be girls, visions, everything; somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me.”
–Jack Kerouac, “On the Road”


On this day in 1974, TWA Flight 514—a Boeing 727—crashed northwest of Dulles International Airport, killing all 92 on board. The plane collided into Mount Weather, which also happened to be a federal emergency operations center for FEMA; the incident, which had some taint of controversy, would be explored in several books.

Also on this day in 1974, Northwest Airlines Flight 6231a Boeing 727—crashed northwest of John F. Kennedy International Airport, killing the sole three crew members on board. The aircraft was on its way to pick up the Baltimore Colts from Buffalo.


It goes without saying that the public were rattled on this day in 1974, when two Boeing 727s crashed. Were these accidents a “coincidence”? I’m inclined to say that the crashes weren’t “orchestrated” by shadowy forces unknown; but rather there might have been some “quantum” connection here. I was especially interested in the fact that one plane was on-route to Dulles airport, and one to JFK; you can read about the connection between Alan Dulles, former CIA director, and JFK here.

But as always, we need to separate “literal” and “quantum” connections as much as humanly possible; or we will most likely go mad and not be allowed to play this LARP anymore.


“oh noooooooo”


I have such a large amount of links, news stories, and so forth to catch up on here. Let’s do a “lightning round” and see how many I can get through:

  • In a sign of the times, the only registered “Rectal Teaching Assistant” in the UK is set to lose his job because of the proliferation of robotic anuses.
  • Is this “Birds Are Not Real” conspiracy theory a hoax to make fun of the Q-Anon crowd? And/or did they accidentally create a new entrenched belief system, Discordian-style, because Irony died a long time ago?
  • In a twist, NASA—who usually engages in such exercises as debunking the “Face on Mars”—apparently experiences their own pareidolia when they suggest that perhaps a star cluster looks like the Starship Enterprise. (Maybe it’s all just another recruiting tool for that permanent moon base they recently announced.)
  • Can you really be arrested for a DUI when you’re in a self-driving car?
  • I had missed this news story from October about a “Nottingham Joker” on the loose. Perhaps him and the Florida Joker should compare notes.
  • And, of course…all the tributes are pouring in for that much beloved progressive former president, George H.W. Bush.

Look, it’s sad when anybody (well, most anybody) dies…and I have no personal animus against the Bushes…it’s just that the amount of political revisionism regarding them in the media that has taken place even before Bush Sr.’s death—but conveniently after Trump was elected—is insane.

But: par for the course, I guess. The pendulum swings one way, the pendulum swings the other. Repackage traditional Conservatives as cuddly humanitarians by getting a unstable crude loudmouth elected President. Move the “goalposts” so Right becomes Center (more marketable), and True Left is deemed way too Left (so you can kiss those public interest programs goodbye, heck no we can’t have “Socialism.”)



As you can see, if you are so inclined to look—I have finally gone through all the content on the site to make it all sort of “fit”…organic. I have a pretty good idea what I want to do now with all this. Added some new graphics to old posts, pulled some into Drafts, etc.

Had a dream last night that a very old George Carlin invited me to go live with him because “it didn’t seem like you had anything else really going on.” And I interpreted it as follows:

When George Carlin started doing stand-up, he tried to have a “clean” and clean-cut act. Unless you were working burlesque shows in those days, you had to have a “clean” act—that was how you were going to get on the TV variety shows, etc.

And so he would keep his hair trim and wear a tie and tried to have a “clean” act.


But he got sick of that, and part of it was that he was observing the burgeoning youth culture of the time—the 1960s. And so he finally was like “fuck it” and grew his hair long and made his act more political and added cuss words and all that.


He was told it was all going to be the death of his career but he still moved forward with that new edge.


And this act mutated into the particular blend of comedy and political commentary he was so well-known for by the end of his life.


That was a road—was a journey he was on, to define himself. Had he not made the choice to change his act earlier on & take some chances…he may never have become the comedy icon he turned into.

In-between all that, of course, he played Rufus in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.



Have a good Saturday.

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