12.2.18: Glinda Lied


“A long new period begins in my life.”
—Elizabeth Haich, “Initiation”


Well, I’m sort of sick today. Been having low energy all week. Won’t admit it to it, won’t be kind enough to myself. “If only I push a little harder.” Etc.

I always feel this pressure to keep writing, or at least put up publicly what has already been written. It’s like a driving need. It’s hard to explain to other people.

One of the things I noted in my private journal (and I do have one) today was something that popped into my head just as I was waking up this morning. And it’s about how Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, despite what Glinda told her at the end of the movie, couldn’t go home any time she wanted to.

While Dorothy might have latently had the power to go home at any time…she had to reach a point in her own personal evolution where it was possible to do, consciously possible. And that could only be done through the machinations of the Wicked Witch of the West. Only by surmounting the obstacles placed in front of her by the Witch could Dorothy develop enough to realize she could click her heels and go back to Kansas.


I could write more, but I need to rest I think. I’ve prepared some essays and ideas in the blog drafts to put up for the rest of the week if need be.

Be well, persons.

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