12.5.18: The Creatures In The Cabin


“For even if they were demons, they were honorable.”
–John Keel, “The Key”


Today’s quote is from an obscure hand-typed “sci-fi fan-fiction” story written by a one John Keel (and if you haven’t heard of him, do look him up) in 1949.

The young Mr. Keel’s short story is about a professor in a remote cabin visited by extraterrestrial OR interdimensional-type creatures. This is a particularly popular trope in the post-WWII era, and you’ll find the same basic scene in Whitley Strieber’s Communion—only that’s presented more or less as real-life.

Of course…there might have been elements in “The Key” that mirrored some real experiences Keel himself had or (in a bout of Future Memory) would have. Remember that this is the writer The Mothman Prophecies is based on.



I still feel weak today…but the news that Steve Bannon was going to headline a sex robot conference sort of gave me the extra push I needed. Alas, said conference has just been cancelled.

what a Steve Bannon might look like.

But what’s truly interesting about all this, of course, is that we’re all laughing about it on Twitter now…but in a few years everybody’s going to have sex with robots. And then all that valuable insight Bannon could have lent to the phenomenon will have been lost to “what might have been.”


I’m not joking: in a few years, a lot of people are going to have sex with robots.

You’re going to have “emotional comfort” robots people can take on planes.

I’m serious: stick a bookmark in this and let’s revisit in 2020. I’m being an absolute fucking Nostradamus on this subject.

what an absolute fucking Nostradamus might look like


Here are some other stories of note from around the Internet:



Lastly, as I’ve been at home in bed trying to fight the plague I’ve been reading these old New Age/UFO/Conspiracy packets that originally circulated in the early 1990s. These were Xeroxed bundles sometimes as much as 1,000+ pages long, filled with hand-typed material, copies of magazine & newspaper articles, stuff that was just kind of stolen from other sources, and etc.

A mixed-bag of esoteric ramblings, to be sure—but there’s some gems buried in there. Buried in there…really reallllly realllllllllly deep.

Welcome to my life.


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