12.8.18: “We Always Trick You”


“These things are the result of a confluence of events in the Matrix, and the person who is victimized by them is occupying a particular spot—not only in space and time but also in another dimension, the quantum dimension perhaps where considerations of space and time are not so ironclad as they are in the perceivable world.”
–Peter Levenda, “Sinister Forces”


I wanted to start this off by addressing the difference between “debunking” and applying critical thinking.

I don’t set off to debunk, but I will apply critical thinking. I’ll apply critical thinking even when my intuition (“intuition”) is like “this is 100% totes real.” I’ll apply critical thinking even if it looks like an honest-to-goddess miracle.

Because we cannot assume that just because we are face-to-face with some sort of theoretical paranormal event, it is “real” or (in the case of channeling) gospel.


Even if you were in contact with some sort of spirit thing or alien or whatever…you still have to apply critical thinking because it could be lying to you. Or it might be truthful, but misguided and itself in possession of only incomplete information. (If, indeed, these are bonafide spirits/aliens at all, and not some sort of spookshow psychological experiment.)

This is why when I recommend channeled content, on the top of that list are the first two Barbara Marciniak books, Bringers of the Dawn and Earth. Because they are unusually candid about certain elements of the material that could possibly lead the reader to doubt its veracity. Case in point, this passage from Earth (emphasis mine):

“We give you keys straightforwardly and we trick you. We always trick you. It is wise that you be a little suspicious of us. If you are not, you are a fool. Learn to have skepticism with all things, and that sometimes we have great reason for what we do, even though it is not apparent to you at the time. All we do is create imagery from which you can evolve.”

If you were trying to start your own religion based off of channeled material, would you leave that stuff about “tricking” in? I feel it’s pretty fucking honest.




Golly-gosh, I don’t want this to be a huge entry, but I do wanted to address some current events-type stuff.

This thing with Tumblr suddenly removing all their adult content…isn’t this always the way? The online entity of choice builds a rep on the backs of whatever subculture made them famous. Then they jettison said subculture. The irony is that there is a site on Tumblr that chronicles all these takeovers, Our Incredible Journey. If you want to read about real-life “conspiracies”…holy shit, read that site (you know, while you still can…it is on Tumblr, after all).

But you can see this with Reddit, which just debuted its 2nd “new homepage” within the last six months. This homepage (which I think is in beta and only shows up on certain browsers), removes the “list” format completely and groups everything into helpful bundles of non-controversial topics, and is clearly designed to look just like every other site’s homepage. Because the first thing you need to do is…kill the thing that made you Great.

Let’s repeat that this axiom about business success:

“The first thing you need to do is kill the thing that made you Great.”




If you want to entertain Krazy Konspiracy Theories, here is another:

What if this Trump stuff was just a ruse to get us to love Klassic Konservatives and yearn for the good ol’ days of the Bushes? 

I realize I’ve said variations of this on my site throughout the last several years, but just putting it out there again.

When you think about it…such a long-term strategy is at least 8-D chess, maybe nine.

Maybe 10-D holographic chess.




Lastly, I was going through my old bookmarks and found this LSD-nightmare AI “DeepDream” video generated from Bob Ross episodes

When I discussed the Nooscope earlier this week, and suggested that it might be “mutating” into its own self-aware entity…this video really encapsulates a lot of that “vibe.” I think this is how the Nooscope “sees” and processes Reality (“reality”).

I guess we’ll all find out one day if that’s true.


Have a good Saturday.

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