12.14.18: The “Real” 2012 Apocalypse


“Yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why.”
–Hunter S. Thompson


Where do I begin today?

OK, well to start, today is the anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook—which took place in 2012 (7 days before the supposed Mayan “Apocalypse” date).

The TL;DR for my “take” on Sandy Hook is that while everyone was waiting for the Apocalypse, the Apocalypse happened. (Heck, even 20-year-old shooter Adam Lanza’s mom, a “Prepper,” was apparently waiting for the Apocalypse.) Or at least…a “piece” of the Apocalypse happened. Actually, there would be “pieces” (signs?) of the Apocalypse sprinkled throughout the entire year. (And leaking into the next year, and sort of never seeming to stop.)


Three days before Sandy Hook, another, less well-known mass shooting took place at the Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon. The assailant, 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts, was wearing a “Jason”-style hockey mask.

Roughly five months before Sandy Hook was the “Dark Knight Rises” massacre, in which so-called “Joker Killer” James Holmes shot up a midnight screening of the latest Batman film.

Of course…nowadays, such tragic and bizarre occurrences barely register more than a few days of recognition in the media and mass consciousness…you know, until the next tragic and bizarre occurrence.


In fact, the people who seem to have the biggest attention span regarding the oppressively high number of these mass shootings—outside the families of the victims and victim advocates—are the conspiracy theorists who insist none of these events happened at all.

After the “Dark Knight Rises” case in Aurora CO, I used to track and study these mass shootings. One of the reasons I did so was because I noticed that the popular culture of the time—especially what would be called “superhero” or “sci-fi” or “geek” culture—seemed to often reflect and occasionally predict these events.


I gave up on my studies in this grim field around the second half of 2013, when I realized that a) these events were happening so frequently that the public was becoming “used” to them (which was fucking depressing) and b) the conspiracy theorist contingent that insisted these events were not taking place at all, but were instead “false flags” (more on that particular term in a minute) were getting extremely LOUD and insistent (which was also fucking depressing).

Now, Sandy Hook is notable for really being that catalyzing incident that really revved-up the “this event never even happened” type of theory. Before then, these types of mass shootings—and indeed, even things like assassinations, etc.—were more often than not blamed by the bulk of theorists on stuff like MKUltra. And so: they believed that the incident did take place…but that instead of the perp being some random “Lone Wolf,” it was all planned by the Shadowy Cabal using a mind-controlled patsy.

Here is a more recent example of the “old-style” MKUltra conspiracy memes. Can’t tell if it’s a “real” meme or for the lulz because who the fuck knows anymore???

Technically…that’s what the term “False Flag” was originally referring to. The event happened, but it was “orchestrated.”

But after Sandy Hook, people began to claim that not only was it a “False Flag”…but it never happened. That no children died. And that any victims or parents of victims or other such type entities that we might have seen in the media were “Crisis Actors.”

And this has continued pretty much to the present day, where in the immediate aftermath of any mass shooting/killing, people will immediately jump on Twitter or the social media mouthpiece of their choice and declare with an unnerving sense of full certainty: “of course, that never happened. another hoax.” (Assuming the majority of those who make such online proclamations are not bots because who the fuck even knows anymore?)

And here’s an example of a Sandy Hook “hoax” meme, but again: whether this is a “real” meme or a parody meme, who literally the fuck knows???

Because really: is there anything more unbelievable than a person in our society just “snapping” and killing other people with a readily-available firearm? Wow, you really need to have a BIG imagination or be on LSD to come up with such a farfetched premise, amirite?

But I would suggest that after 2012, there was a larger “movement” of people beginning to doubt the very reality of their lives. You get a strong resurgence of Flat Earth theory, for instance. You get the Mandela Effect (which technically “started” in 2010, but really took off after 2012). You get the ascendence of the Red Pill theorists, based on of course the “mother” of all “reality is not what you think it is” movies.

See??? It’s THAT easy! (bonus points for changing Morpheus’s hands to that of a white dude.)

Here is the thing, where I stand on all this. I believe Sandy Hook was a real massacre. I believe that 95.5% of these mass shootings are real events in which real people have been killed and injured. And that if you had better gun control/screening, it would probably reduce the amount of shooting events, though I do think if a person is disturbed and determined enough they’ll just turn to some home-grown recipe from The Anarchist’s Cookbook or what-have-you.

But we really do need to look at this “spike” in people doubting Reality after 2012. I mean, not look at it just from this Snopes-like lens of debunking (which will almost never “convert” a “True Believer”). But we need to look at it esoterically.


It’s like this: most popular examples of the so-called Mandela Effect seem to me to be like just people mis-remembering/mis-hearing/mis-spelling some name or lyric or quote or whatever. That being said: I do think there is something strange going on, that has gone on particularly after 2012. And I just don’t mean “strange” like a bunch of people were manipulated by Shadowy Foreign or Domestic Cabals or fed propaganda to lean one way or the other ideologically (though certainly, all that could have happened, too)

I mean: There is something ***STRANGE*** going on.


“Reality”—a very controversial topic. (Read my “Reality Trilogy” to dig deeper)

It’s like this: Sandy Hook was particularly striking to me not because I doubted it was real. Rather, it was particularly striking to me because it was so grotesque, so scarring upon the mass consciousness…happening so close to the “Apocalypse” date, involving so many synchronicities, and seemingly placed within this larger context of bizarre and grotesque violent events.

And yeah, that’s how I feel about 9/11 too. (And of course there are those who believe that it was all a computer simulation with fake planes and crisis actors and etc. etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda oewgdiewgufgqegfiewgufcuelhf)


I find that often, my particular “take” on any given topic doesn’t really make either “side” of the debate super-happy. You either need to be super-Snopes or super-Redpill.



There are so many other recent stories I would like to discuss, but will instead mention in brief:



And, of course, the week’s best headline:



Have a good Friday, everyone.

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